Eurovision 2015

NORWAY : LIVE ROLLING BLOG of Melodi Grand Prix – #JoinUs at 20:25 CET

MGP 2015 Finalists - Photo : KIM ERLANDSEN / NRK

MGP 2015 Finalists – Photo : KIM ERLANDSEN / NRK

NORWAY : LIVE ROLLING BLOG of Melodi Grand Prix – #JoinUs at 20:25 CET

Norway will select their Eurovision entry tonight at 20:25 CET in the Melodi Grand Prix National Final. 11 Acts take to the stage and you can WATCH HERE at 20:25 CET

You can follow our LIVE BLOG HERE – You know the drill by now. Just refresh the page for our live updates. 

It’s that time of the week when Phil (our #FAB guest writer from the great site OnEurope) will guide you through the proceedings. He is still smug with the fact that he predicted Boggie winning in Hungary well in advance of the final – don’t encourage him!

Ha, thanks Garrett… if #Sweden has the Friends Arena then #Norway has the Chums Arena…. Oslo Spektrum is the venue for tonight’s Norsk Melodi Grand Prix….   Stay Tuned for my thoughts…..

Well Visitors to NR-Cor’s webstream have been treated to 30 mins of Pre-snak, so to speak and we’re all ready to go…. at some point 😉

It all begins with a bit of Jolity with an MGP Boot-camp as to how to win the Eurovision being the theme here…. from Wind Machines to the Genghis Khan test which leads to all 11 acts singing it on stage!! – Well it makes me laugh 😉

They then introduce the *orchestra* ( Blimey, it’s like yesterday today!!)



1. Erlend Bratland “Thunderstruck”

Phil’s Thoughts

This boy has lost loads of weight from when he was on Voice of Norway or some other shows, but like Kevin Borg, suffers from an acute case of “gayface” which distracts me from the start.  However, it’s the song that matters and its your typical uptempo “Finding yourself” song with a disco stompy beat.  He’s borrowed Conchita’s lights but it all seems just a wee bit forced and, in some ways, after the Lord Mayor’s show.  It’s an average disco stomper but there are better songs to follow than this.   He’s certainly #stoppable.


2. Raylee “Louder”

Phil’s Thoughts

Ooh it’s the obligatory “Fierce Woman” with lots of dancers behind her… Does every selection have to have one of these these days?? – Lots of Fire crackers and lightings and dancing but, again, another song that misses the spot and it feels like the choreography (Which is based on the dancer’s capes) is distracting from a song that has holes in them larger than those in Leerdammer Cheese (ha!).  Vocally, Raylee has problems on the high and long notes here but the overall feeling is style over substance.  It seems to be missing a chunk of “magic”….  hmmmm, underwhelming.

3. Tor & Bettan “All Over the World”

Phil’s Thoughts

Tor and Bettan have had 22 goes at this thing between them, and this song could have been any of those songs.  It’s your typical uplifting “Heal the World” ballad sung by people that ought to know better, in a Country that definitely should.  However, it’s professionally produced (in comparison to the other 2) and the crowd in Oslo have just gone mental… this worries me in many ways, mostly how come Tor’s hair looks the same as it did back in 1997 (!) and how much breathing room does Bettan have in a tight trouser suit?  Anyway back to the song,  It has all of the 90’s rock things, faux guitar playing, stomping beat… this is surely too outdated in this competition…. isn’t it??  The Orchestra is lifting this to places it shouldn’t even be and they have brought a massive Children’s Chior on stage.  Does anyone have a kitchen sink??
4. Jenny Langlo “Next To You”

Phil’s Thoughts

From the 1990’s to the modern day.  Jenny, having borrowed Kate Ryan’s mic stand has slowed the tempo down by being all sultry and having men in hoodies ready to get an asbo as they beat their drum threateningly.  It’s a tad Magaret Berger but after the shenanigans that have just taken place it falls a tad flat.  Very repetitive and slow…. Not alot else to say really.

5. Ira Konstantinidis “We Don’t Worry”

Phil’s Thoughts

Already at song Number…. Fem already and it’s High School Musical as Ira comes on stage and they are singing from the bleachers in the stadium and the backing singers are just the right side of inappropriately dressed! – Ira, however, is a bit more conservative.  Being half Greek and Half… Norwegian means she can pull this off… however the song needs some serious tune och chorus to get this into the gulfinal, it is, again, very light on substance and Ira is having trouble singing it taking breaths in all the wrong places and singing very flat and she doesn’t look all that comfy with the song.  Very poor indeed.
6. Contrazt “Heaven”

Phil’s Thoughts

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand back to the 1990’s with this lot.  A slightly too old woman dressed like she’s 16 with some dansaband music… it’s everything that the Eurovision *was* and have left behind, but it’s going to have a constituency…. in the same way that Bettan does.  It’s the very definition of Easy Listening with this lot and for a moment, I thought it was ASFE fodder. There is even a bridge and a key-change.  What more could you want?? – oh yes, something decent!

7. Marie Klåpbakken “Ta meg tilbake”

Phil’s Thoughts

With a name like that, you’d hope for good things…. wouldn’t you??  It’s another ballad borrowing Sanne’s lighting effects which guarantees success, doesn’t it? Well.. no.  It has a bouquet of Alvedansen mixed with Violins and other lighting effects which are bigger than the singer.  I think that if they were toned down it would be a lot more impactful to be honest, it just seems, again, like they have heard an old song, reimagined it, and threw the kitchen sink at it in an attempt to make it better.  Sadly, it loses all the effect and “tweeness” that I liked about this song.  Hmmmm… shame.

8. Staysman & Lazz “En godt stekt pizza”

Phil’s Thoughts

Bettan’s Kitchen Sink has been recycled by the two old men in an attempts to be “fun” – It is an advert for straight fat older men talking about Pizza and women and Beer ( so it appears), and there is hope for us all…. but possibly no hope for Norway… this has that unstoppable vibe that only a televote winner in a Eurovision selection could have.  Spektrum is on its feet and that again is another worry.  It’s suddenly got very loud in there.
9. Mørland & Debrah Scarlett “A Monster Like Me”

Phil’s Thoughts

The money says that this is the Even money favourite to win this contest tonight.  I can see why, it has the wrist-slitting quality clearly needed to win the ESC this year. It’s a decent enough song ( as my stream freezes and blips) and has the “Netherlands Camera Shot” – but I think it has been too cleverly written for a Television contest and is clearly aiming for juries.  Although the final 45 seconds are very powerful but it relies on it being like The Common Linnets in order to do anything…. It’ll get to the Gul Final but……

10. Alexandra Joner “Cinderella”

Phil’s Thoughts

Blimey this is a riot of pink all over my Ipad. She’s Cinderella-ella-ella as it’s more Rhiana than Eurovision to be honest but after the last 2 it is a relative sea of calm and sensibility.  Lots of dancing and choreography but again, just a tad repetitive but the sultry chart sound could well get this just about into the gul final if she stops shouting ella at the endd of the song.

11. Karin Park “Human Beings”

Phil’s Thoughts

Another Berger clone…. only this time Karin is doing her muse justice…. I think that she’s a touch scantilly dressed for this time of year, but she’s got the wind machine to warm her up. It has all the undertone of I Feed you My Love but performed a but bigger.  Loads of strobes and Karin looks as though she could hurt you!! – Scaring me into voting for her? – Maybe….


A bit of a voting break now before the results of the first round.  11 down to 4 to the gold final.

Phil’s Predictions

4 To the gold final :

Tor and Bettan, Staysman and Lazz, Alexandra Joner, Morland and Scarlett.

Actual Results

Top 4 are :

Tor and Bettan, Staysman and Lazz,Morland and Scarlett and Erland Bratland.

Tor and Bettan produced a similar assured performance and with the average Norwegian Televoter actually living on a Werthers Original drip, we could be on for a good result by them.  Staysman and Lazz again brought the house down, which meant Mrs Jansrud may have to rethink her televote.  Mørland & Deborah Scarlett got a very good reaction the 2nd time round and, the finally the Televoters disagreed with me and Erland got through, clearly the #unstoppable vote there me thinks, either that or Rylan has a career in Norway.  It’s still a weak stomper song that probably got the votes of its aimed constituency….   Probably the best Gul Final since 2001 for me.  Lets see the voting come in now.

Mørland & Deborah Scarlett are to the winning – after a tense final round of voting, winning by just over 3000 votes.  It’s not my kind of thing, but I understand why it won and it’ll come close in Vienna.

Author : Phil Colclough

Source : Eurovision Ireland / OnEurope

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