Eurovision 2015

HUNGARY : LIVE ROLLING BLOG Of A-Dal FINAL for Eurovision 2015. #JoinUs at 20:25 CET

A-Dal Final

A-Dal Final

HUNGARY : LIVE ROLLING BLOG Of A-Dal FINAL for Eurovision 2015. #JoinUs at 20:25 CET

It’s that time of the week when Phil (our #FAB guest writer from the great site OnEurope)  takes his Harry Potter wand in hand and tries to predict who will qualify in A-Dal. This time it is serious as we are at the GRAND FINAL of the Hungarian selection. Did you miss Phil last week? We did but don’t tell him!

The show begins at 20:25 (CET)  and you can watch LIVE on the official A-Dal Website HERE. .

You just need to refresh the page after each song to hear Phil’s thoughts on the songs and see as he tries to predict the winner of A-Dal 2015. 

Thanks Garrett.  I was missed last week? – awww.. not sure mon mailaise would agree with you, but we’ll see.   It appears there will be only EIGHT songs for me to comment on, then some voting, then one of them will be the winner.  Who will it be? – Well I have a favourite, of course, but it’s not for me to tell………. see if you can work it out as the night progresses.  Back at 2025 for all the…. stuff!
And the “stuff” in this instance – is a good old fashioned sing song by all the participants…. how…. #together?!?


Bálint Gájer – That’s How It Goes

Phils Comments

So, I managed to get the draw up in time for the songs this time and, first up, is my favourite!! – no need to work it out then.  I love this song, it makes me smile.  I love the 20’s vibe and I love the way it swings, in all directions.  I think that this, though, will not go down well with the jury and the new way that they vote for this one.  Gajer is a very accomplished performer and connects with the camera.  Also helps that he is easy on the eye for anyone that likes that sort of thing, but the gold coloured suit was a mistake but Mr Primani has all the moves as do his 1920’s gogo dancers.  A song straight out of the lift of Mr Selfridge and  I hope it gets the result it deserves, but this field could well see it not in the superfinal.

Boggie – Wars For Nothing

Phils Comments

Having said that the first one is my favourite song, which it is, for me, Boogie could well win the whole thing.  This has consistantly scored 40+ with the juries… and why, you may ask?? Well that’s because it’s a simple song…. originally about WW1, but adapted so the whole world can “fight” things, The lead singer just stands and sings the song and with the map of the world and the backing singers who come and join her “israeli style” clearly all “mean” what they are singing, they connect with everyone and that’s a key.  It’s still a song contest after all and this song should, deservedly, be in the Superfinal at the end of the night and could well, as I have just said out loud here at OnEurope towers, just win the whole darn lot.



Spoon – Keep Marching On

Phils Comments

Boyband fayre next.  A band name “Spoon” could very well promote jokes here… but I am too adult to make any of them.   If you remember this song, it’s the one with the whistling pianist that has the “Coming Home” vibe.  However, when you put it in *this* field Spoon may well have the boyband looks, but they clearly have one of the weaker songs and with only two through to the superfinal, that is going to be very difficult.  Nothing against the song, however, and it performed in a “grown up” way, but I fear this could be accidental last.


Kati Wolf – Ne Engedj El!

Phils Comments

Mamo meets What about my Dreams, but why the long face Kati?? – thats all the jokes over and done with  but I have clearly missed something with this song because as all the “fans” clearly have latched onto who Kati is, they have clearly missed the fact that this is a “non-song”.  It doesn’t have a strong hook as, say, Boogie and it certainly doesn’t have the tune of something like Adam will have or even Passed.  I suspect this is a case of fans going with who they know, rather than what they hear.  Probably close to the Superfinal… but it really shouldn’t be.


Ádám Szabó – Give Me Your Love

Phils Comments

Now, dear reader, this is NOT an homage to Sweden 2003, but a song by a very sweaty be-quiffed man.  As stated earlier, if it was a straight song contest, this would go above Wolf Kati because its a stronger and more powerful song.  But it isn’t, so it won’t.  It’s a very “radio” song, with someone that is a clearly good singer but doesnt have a clue when it comes to syling och consulting with a Television show, and that is going to be Adam’s downfall here… and it really shouldn’t be.



Passed – Mesmerize

Phils Comments

I didn’t realise that you could have a rocking harpist until I saw this song.  Passed are a bit like marmite, you either love them ( like Garrett does) or you think that it’s two songs sellotaped together, like I do, and it becomes a bit messy.  It will have jury appeal in this final and shecan sing this song, if singing is what you call it, but overall…. thinking not.


ÍV – Fire

Phils Comments

Ivi does have a very “fresh for radio” sound and a face for radio, sadly and, like a couple of these songs tonight, it might have been good enough in the fields they were in, but I think that its outclassed in this bit of the contest.  Thinking not qualifying, sadly



Zoltán Mujahid – Beside You

Phils Comments

As I have already written, this song reminds me of a Song for Europe 1993 entry and, thank the lord, he has ditched his red army uniform of the QF and SF for…. a nice White one!!! – Great!! –  again, underpowered in this arena with these songs and whilst it should do well with some of the jury.  I think that it is doomed.


MASSIVE Surprise is that Kati Wolf has NOT qualified for the final 4…..


Boogie to the winning!


Boogie it was then.  This had all the hallmarks of a winner from the moment it sung in its Quarter Final.  This should connect well in Vienna and do right well…


Author : Phil Colclough

Source : Eurovision Ireland and OnEurope

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