AUSTRIA : LIVE ROLLING BLOG of National Final for Eurovision 2015 – #JoinUs at 20:15 CET

Austria 2015 Eurovision Selection Finalists

Austria 2015 Eurovision Selection Finalists

AUSTRIA : LIVE ROLLING BLOG of National Final for Eurovision 2015 – #JoinUs at 20:15 CET

The Eurovision Host Nation tonight select their entry for Vienna in Wer singt für Österreich’. 6 Acts take to the stage and you can WATCH HERE at 20:15 CET


You can follow our LIVE BLOG HERE – You know the drill by now. Just refresh the page for our live updates. You are in the company of John tonight – The Voice of Reason (I love a good laugh)  😉 

The result will be a Jury/Public 50/50 result.



So here we are, with the show to see who’ll follow in the footsteps of Peter Horton. Who you ask? I might tell you later. But first, a certain song called  ‘Rise like a phoenix’ performed by this year’s finalists. In a rock-type stylee. And while not with the big Bond-theme motif of the original, very good in its own way.

Mirjam Weichselbraum is our genial host and has already got the assembled audience into a frenzy. Who can blame them?

Mirjam final


Mirjam takes us to the ‘Green Room’. It’s actually an area within the studio surrounded by a brick wall. Maybe a fake brick wall. Whether it’s to stop the audience getting in or them getting out we might discover later. And ORF, being the caring hosts they are, have supplied the acts with water, crisps and what look like extra long Twiglets*.

Final crisps

*other savoury snacks are available

Anyways, who’s going to win? Let the Sacher see the Torte

Folkshilfe – ‘Who you are

John’s Thoughts

A good old hand-clapping crowd-pleaser to kick us off. It’s got a great hook in the chorus that could be [badly] imitated by karaokists everywhere for years to come. I’m not sure whether it was me, but there seemed to be a slightly weaker part of the song just before the chorus, but it didn’t detract from things too much. Our expert jury seemed positive, calling it a ‘Super Pop Song’. Maybe all one word in German.

Final Folkshilfe

Zoe – ‘Quel filou

John’s Thoughts

Zoe has seen the wind and thrown caution to it, by singing in English for the verses and French for the choruses. This 1920s schtick I’ve seen somewhere before this year. Not sure where though… She puts in a winsome little performance, and the French flavour to it makes me want to shrug and look in a rather snooty way at English people. It’s pleasant and different.

Final Zoe

Dawa – ‘Feel alive

John’s Thoughts

It’s simple setting time with a song that immediately gets the crowd clapping along. It’s also got a great hook and I think this is the best we’ve heard so far. The various voices all blend together well and the little xylophone is a quirky touch. And the lead singer has a nice line in hats. I think that could do very well.

Final Dawa

Celina Ann – ‘Utopia

John’s Thoughts

Is this Loreen’s song? No, wait… Our Celina has gone al serious on us with a collection of white sheets wafting in the wind behind her. This is a very capable radio song – the sort of thing when you’re on a long drive that you can sing as out-of-tune as you want. Whether it’s the right song to win is another matter. It lacks something and, in my most humble of opinions, she holds the mike right in the way of her face that you can’t actually see her lips move except from certain odd angles. But she still had her loud fans in the crowd.

Final Celina

Johann Sebastian Bass – ‘Absoluto

John’s Thoughts

Knitted beards are so 2014. Anyone who’s anyone in 2015 wears a Regency wig. As many in the audience are. JSB also have orange juice on their Green Room table as well as water. Favouritism perhaps? This is unique in so many ways. It’s toilet holder dolls. It’s synthesised voices. It’s the soundtrack of every 1980s film I can name. And it’s an excuse for some men to wear make-up and look trendy. Absolutio has that effect to make people sit up from their Slivovica or their Tokáj or their Ouzo and think ‘This is darn fun’.

Final JSB

The Makemakes – ‘I am yours

John’s Thoughts

Our final act are the three dapper dandies that look like they’ve just come from a Supertramp convention. This is the mellow anthemic song that a good Eurovision always needs. It may not be to everyone’s taste, but it is well-constructed and the camera work is superb. ORF might like it because it’s respectable enough to do well, but not quite good enough to do the double. Perhaps a dark horse tonight.

Final Makemake


With the songs performed, the voting lines have opened and we get the filling in bit. This appears to be extracts of some of the songs already selected. France, Italy, Hungary, Estonia, Spain, Finland, Ireland, Switzerland, Slovenia, and Germany.  Will these influence the Austrian public in their deliberations?

You’re not missing anything, dear reader. We’ve cut to a news bulletin. Obviously while Frau Haltstätter in Linz makes up her mind.

We’ve had the adverts for Frucade and Almdudler, and we’re back in the studio.

We get reminded that Austria’s first win was in 1966 with the sublime ‘Mercie Chérie’ by the late, great Udo Jürgens. Footage of him performing his song in Luxembourg’s Villa Louvigny is cut together with this year’s finalists. A great touch.

After the results below, the televoters and texters of Austria have six minutes to vote for their favourite from the two remaining songs.

But what’s this? Just when we thought she wouldn’t turn up, here’s a certain Conchita with her song ‘You are unstoppable’. She brings the house down.

Final Conchita


I’ve said from the start that I think Johann Sebastian Bass are ringers/winners, and I still stand by that. However, The Makemakes or Dawa would be my other two tips. It’s a decent quality final and I’d be content for almost any of them to win.



The juries are based in nine countries around Europe, and Australia. They picked the following below. The numbers in the white circles are what they got converted to.

Final juries

They got added to the televoting from Austria which lead to a two-song super-final between Dawa and The Makemakes.

So who will win? There’s only one way to find out. Fi…! No, it’s down to a few televotes.

The winner is…

The Makemakes!!!!

For the record, ignoring my JSB ringer allegation, I picked the top two songs. And Peter Horton was the Austrian representative the last time the contest was in Vienna. But you knew that already.

Congratulations to the Makemakes, who were the first act to perform in the first show on 20 February. I hope you enjoyed the show, thanks and good night.


Author : John Stanton

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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