Eurovision 2015

UK : We Challenge James Blunt to show us his ‘Eurovision Cahunas’ in London!

James Blunt - Photo : Wikipedia

James Blunt – Photo : Wikipedia

UK : We Challenge James Blunt to show his ‘Eurovision Balls’

You may remember that earlier this week the handsome and suave (I’m buttering him up) James Blunt threw down the challenge to the UK to send him to Eurovision!

With the media in the UK ‘undecided’ about the choice of Electro Velvet going to Eurovision (the team here happen to like their ditty), the ‘Beautiful’ singer Bluntly laid down the challenge that he could win Eurovision and that the UK (possibly more so the BBC we’re guessing) “don’t have the balls” to send him to win the contest – we thought we would challenge the singer to put his “Tweet Where His Mouth Is” and show us what he is made of!

If James Blunt is willing to go to Eurovision and prove that his tweet wasn’t just a ploy to get a few extra album sales (how cynical some people were), well April the 26th is the time for James Blunt to show us just how big his “aspirations” are. The London Eurovision Party is taking place in (guess where) London, and I am sure they wouldn’t mind Mr Blunt turning up to show us his Eurovision Credentials or Cahunas!

Now I have checked Mr Blunt’s Tour Diary and would you ‘Adam and Eve It‘ – HE IS FREE that date! Actually he is plenty free according to his diary! Hey even if he wasn’t free James is a master of social media. I’m sure he could even make a 3 minute video medley of him and a few Eurovision Classics – You’re only allowed 3 minutes on the Eurovision stage James so none of your regular pontificating – and I say that with love!

So James Blunt challenged the UK to send him to Eurovision. The vacancy is opened for 2016! If you want the gig Mr Blunt then come along to the London Eurovision Party on April 26th. Your tweet got a lot of Eurovision people talking so now its time to ‘Walk The Talk’. Hey I’ll even pay your ticket on the door!

So I suggest that everyone Tweets the great man asking him to attend. I hope he wasn’t being a Twitter Tease as they are the worst! Tweet James this Challenge @JamesBlunt 

The Challenge Has Been Made!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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