Austria : Meet the 6 Finalists for Eurovision 2015 Selection

Austria 2015 Eurovision Selection Finalists

Austria 2015 Eurovision Selection Finalists


First there were 16, now there are only 6! ORF has narrowed down the list of contestants vying for the chance to sing for Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest this May. Want to know who is still in with a chance of representing the host nation on home soil? Read on and see!


She may be just 23, but Celina is no stranger to the Austrian music scene – she’s been performing for over 11 years! Funk and soul music are her forte and she also sang with Stuttgart hip-hop group Fantastischen Vier (or in English, Fantastic Four) at the Amadeus Austrian music awards.


Formed by a group of friends in 2010, Dawa claim their style of music is hard to categorise as they are influenced by so many genres. This being said, they’ve already stated that their goal is to prove that there is more to Austrian music than pop and schlager…


Band members Mathias, Florian and Gabriel feel that this year’s slogan of ‘Building Bridges’ is perfect for their unique blend of pop and folk music, as it also connects different styles. They are quite well known around their native Austria, but can Eurovision help them build bridges further across the continent?


Ever wondered what it would look and sound like if electric rock had been invented in the 18th century? No, me neither, but with their powdered wigs, period costumes and poodles (!) these guys give us a pretty good idea! They look like they’ve stepped right out of the past, but their sound is distinctly more modern – it has to be seen to be believed!!


Within a month of founding the band back in 2012, Dominic, Marcus and Florian were being played on the radio. Their single Million Euro Smile, which combines pop, soul and rock, made it to #2 in the charts and the band has even opened for Bon Jovi – so clearly they don’t waste any time!


Daughter of the guitarist from Austrian duo Papermoon, 18 year old Zoe has been singing since she was a little girl and even writes her own songs. Her greatest idol/influence is Édith Piaf – perhaps we have a Little Sparrow of Austria in the making?

The 6 contestants will each perform 2 potential Eurovision songs, but only one will chosen to progress to the live final on March 13th, where both the public and a jury will vote 50-50 for the winner.

Who do you want to see win? Is there an act here that has what it takes to help Austria join the ranks of Spain, Luxembourg, Israel and Ireland by winning the contest on home ground?

Na los Österreich! Viel Glück jedermann!

Author : James Scanlan

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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