Eurovision 2015

PORTUGAL : LIVE ROLLING BLOG of Festival da Canção Semi Final – #JoinUs at 22:00 CET

Portugal Semi Final 2 2015

Portugal Semi Final 2 2015

PORTUGAL : LIVE ROLLING BLOG of Festival da Canção Semi Final – #JoinUs at 22:00 CET


6 acts battle it out in Lisbon where 3 places are up for grabs for the Grand Final to join the 3 qualifiers from Semi Final 1

The show starts at 22:00 CET and you can watch it HERE On the Live Webcast

You can follow our LIVE BLOG HERE – You know the drill by now. Just refresh the page for our live updates. You are in my (John’s) hands tonight. I promise to be gentle and to have some fun with the commentary

Six acts will be competing in the first semi-final and three of them will advance to Saturday Grand Final final. There will be a second Semi Final on Thursday.

Tonight 2 of the of the qualifying acts will be selected by tele-voting and the third will be selected by the jury.

We have a LIVE Band! YAY!

Your hosts will be Joana Teles and Jorge Gabriel.



Before our hosts appeared, we were treated/fooled (delete as applicable) by two false presenters. Lúcia Moniz and Eládio Climáco. You may recognise one of them.



They were the warm-up, and did a half-decent job. Our proper hosts introduce us to the extensive jury and then the band.

Hosts 2

Rubi Machado – Quando A Lua Voltar A Passar

Composer: Sebastião Antunes / Lyrics: Sebastião Antunes

John’s comments – Rubi is a dusky maiden in a ruby dress, just so we don’t forget her name. She bounds onto stage and launches into a song with distinct country AND western overtones. It’s all very jolly. but sort of loses its way about half way through. She sells it, or at least tries to. It’s maybe just a little to ordinary to progress.


José Freitos – Mal Menor (Ninguém Me Guia À Razão)

Composer: Chukry / Lyrics: Chukry

John’s comments – José is a chunky chappy. Maybe I’m just thinking of that word because I’ve seen the writer’s name. He’s got a slow number for us. And he likes the sound of a Hammond Organ. Remember them? He gets his money’s worth out of the house backing singers and it seems like a mid-week San Remo song. It would do if it were not for the semi-naked dancers who point and pout around the stage. Sadly I’m not convinced.

song 2

Teresa Radamanto – Um Fado Em Viena

Composer: Fernando Abrantes / Lyrics: Jorge Mangorrinha

John’s comments – Teresa sang the sublime ‘So o mar ficou’ in the national final in 1998. She still sounds good and this is the best by a country mile so far. And you can’t have a FdC without a good old Fado. This is great and flows very well. I can imagine every full-blooded Portuguese weeping with emotion on hearing that. If she doesn’t make the final on Saturday then I’m an Estonian.


Simone de Oliveira – À Espera Das Canções

Composer: Renato Júnior / Lyrics: Tiago Torres da Silva

John’s comments – Legend alert. If Lys Assia were Portuguese, she’d be this grand old lady. Who cares about her age, she still has all her faculties and looks in the finest of fettle. And she first sang for her country 50 years ago! Her song has a touch of the saudade of Fade about it, but it’s a haunting song that keeps your attention. I think it will be through. I hope so.


Filipe Gonçalves – Dança Joana

Composer: Héber Marques / Lyrics: Héber Marques

John’s comments – Filipe has all his mates on stage with him. Well, at least 12 of them anyway. He doesn’t look unconfident but obviously needs the moral support. It’s another bouncy little song, but again the bounce gets a little samey after a while. And if he does get to Vienna, he’ll have to leave some of his mates behind.


Diana Piedade – Maldito Tempo

Composer: Carlos Massa / Lyrics: Carlos Massa

John’s comments – We finish with a nice little mid-to-uptempo number. It may not light up the dancefloor in a Euroclub, but everyone will be playing the air trombone. Is it worthy of a place in Saturday night’s FdC final? Maybe – because it’s got a bit of life about it. A winner? I’m not so sure. But you never know.

song 6

John’s Predictions

So there are three to qualify, two from the televote and one from the jury. I think from this showing they will be, in no particular order:

Teresa Radamanto, Simone de Oliveira and Diana Piedade. Our Portuguese friends still love their fado, and for once I think the vote won’t be split between Teresa and Simone. And Diana’s song has a bit of fun about it.


Before the results, we have the one and only Lúcia Moniz back. She’s performing a song you might know called ‘O meu coração não tém cor’. One of my favourite Portuguese songs of all times.



Those of you that have been watching these things for as long as I have will no that the performers often give Eurovision classics a try. This is no exception. We get Rubi singing ‘Puppet on a string’, Simone singing ‘Hallelujah’, Filipe with ‘J’aime la vie’, José with ‘Hold me now’ (because he has the build for it), Teresa with ‘Ne partez pas sans moi’, and Diana with ‘Euphoria’. Not the full versions of course, but just little snippets making a nice medley. Then they all come on stage and sing some forgotten song called ‘Waterloo’.

Actual Results

The first song is ‘Um fado em Viena’ by the lovely Teresa Radamanto. No surprise there perchance.

The second song is ‘À espera das canções’ by Simone de Oliveira. Good stuff.

The third song (the jury choice) comes from a magical envelope. And it is ‘Mal menor (Ninguém me guia à razão)’ by José Freitas. I wasn’t expecting that at all.

I hope you enjoyed this pocket-sized semi-final. The Grand Final is on Saturday where six lucky performers (and sets of writers) will compete for a place in the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest on 21 May.

Thanks and good night


Author : John Stanton

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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