AUSTRALIA : 10 Important Facts on Guy Sebastian you need to know before Eurovision 2015

Guy Sebastian

Guy Sebastian

AUSTRALIA : 10 Important Facts on Guy Sebastian you need to know before Eurovision 2015

SBS (Australian National Broadcaster) has announced that Guy Sebastian will represent Australia at Eurovision 2015. Well done to our Girl Emma Backfish from the FAB Radio Show Meanwhile in Europe who predicted Guy on our site.

So we thought we would bring you 10 facts – some interesting ones – about ‘The Guy Called Sebastian’.

Guy was born in Malaysia in 1981 and moved with his family to Melbourne, Australia at the age of 6 – See he was always going transcontinental so Eurovision and Europe is just destiny!

In 2003, Guy became the first Australian Idol winner – So he has a track record of doing well in contests!

Guy Sebastian is the only Australian male artist to have ever achieved six number one singles and two number one albums in chart history – Say WHAT! No Jason Donovan or Stefan Dennis! All we say is that ‘Drinks are on Guy in Vienna!’

Guy looked all hot and macho and sporting that Gary Barlow haircut yesterday but he didn’t always have #GHD’s #JustSaying. Look at our Aussie Hunk back in 2003! This is what happens if you stick your finger in a plug socket kids so #Don’tTryThisAtHome – Guy is a professional!

Guy Hair

It was written in the stars that Guy would be going to Vienna. Never mind taking on the Alps he took on ‘The Sound of Music’ and guess what – he didn’t just climb that mountain HE OWNED that mountain and the Von Trapp Family! Move over Julie Andrews and Lady Gaga this Guy just ‘Do Re Mied’ all over your parade #JustSaying

He’s one of OPRAH’s Favourite Things! His duet ‘Battle Scars’ was #Huge and say Winfrey use the song that is a collaboration with Lupe Fiasco as one of the songs in the trailer for her movie ‘The Butler’. Hey Guy is good enough for Oprah then he’s good enough for me!

Ok let’s get something straight (one giggles) – VIENNA will be a hands off zone as our Guy is a taken man – Emma cries again when I mention that along with a lot of other people. Married and with a family so Europe you can look but no touching, that sounds like a challenge if I ever heard one!

Not only has Guy won Australian Idol but he has won the Australian X-Factor twice. Twice I hear you? Yes he must be Irish as he won it twice “To Be Sure To Be Sure”. In 2011 and 2012 Guy was on the judging team The X Factor. His acts Reece Mastin from his team in 2011 and Samantha Jade from his team in 2012 won the show. So who needs to mentor Guy at Eurovision? Take a ticket and get to the back of the line! That vacancy is taken!

Guy is all about the ‘Blowing’ – Rather than explain take a look at this #Classic Blooper!

Last interesting fact – Guy looks hot in a dress according to his Instagram picture yesterday after being formally announced as Australia’s representative. Imitation is the highest form of flattery!

Guy Sebastian as Conchita Wurst. Guy Sebastian as Conchita Wurst

Guy Sebastian as Conchita Wurst. Guy Sebastian as Conchita Wurst


Roll on Guy’s song choice for Vienna. We like this one from his album – that would be eligible for Vienna

Let’s just say that Australia are in it to win it by selecting Guy Sebastian. Expect us – Well EMMA – to be #fangirling all over him!

Now you are up to speed on who Guy Sebastian is. :Life ‘Down Under’ never looked so good!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Just had to let you know that I sent this article to Guy Sebastian via Face Book and he’s just sent me and little message that I’m happy to send on to you Garrett (& Emma)

    Guy Sebastian
    What a fun article!

    Yes he does answer his fans…. 🙂

  2. Hi there Garrett,
    BREAKING NEWS – Rumors from australia
    I think Guy Sebastian will show up at the ESC 2015 in Vienna hopefully with this song:
    LIGHTNING – time: 3 min, 11 ‘sec……they will make a cut to max. 3,00 minutes !
    From the last released album “Madness” from 21.11.2014

    best gegards from Vienna

    Remember, last year we predicted both CONCHITA WURST to win the Songcontest.

  3. What a great write up. Very funny but true. Emma sounds like she has very good taste. I’m a huge fan of Guy Sebastian. Did you also know he wrote the opening song for CHOGM and sang it in front of Queen Elizabeth and all the heads of the commonwealth in 2011. He also wrote theme song & sang in front of the Pope & millions world wide for World Youth Day in Australia. here is a link for the CHOGM song

  4. Ha. Love this. Guy is an amazing talent which is why he is one of Australia’s biggest acts, and why he is still successful after 12 years, when most talent show contestants fade away very quickly. Not sure if I want him to do Eurovision though. Mainly because just as I suspected would happen if his name was announced, the haters and trolls came out in force in Australia. We have what is called the Tall Poppy syndrome down under. Anyone who gets too big or too successful must be cut down to size asap. And of course if Guy does not win, the hate will increase to mega levels as Aussies hate to lose at anything. And I think it will take a miracle for him to win as I don’t think Europe will want a usurper in their midst. We are not part of Europe after all, even though the majority of Aussies have European heritage, including Guy surprisingly as he has a Portuguese, English and even Scottish background as well as Asian. Anyway, I wish all those haters could just look at his talent like you have. He is brilliant. Special. Really special.

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