Eurovision 2015

GERMANY : LIVE ROLLING BLOG of Eurovision National Final – #JoinUs at 20:15 CET

GERMANY : LIVE ROLLING BLOG of Eurovision National Final – #JoinUs at 20:15 CET

Unser Song für Österreich, the German national final for Vienna, culminates tonight. After the ‘Wild Card’ selection we will now see who will represent Germany at Eurovision 2015. The show starts at 20:15 CET and watch the show with us on the NDR website

You can follow our LIVE BLOG HERE – You know the drill by now. Just refresh the page for our live updates. You are in Andrew’s hands tonight. He promises to be gentle – well he has to be at his age 😉 

Interval act will be provided by The Queen of Europe and the reigning Eurovision champion Conchita Wurst who will be perfoming her new song ‘You Are Unstoppable’

How the voting works tonight

Each act has 2 songs. Round 1 they will all sing one of their 2 songs. The Public votes and the top 4 will go through to round 2 where they will sing their second song. So that leaves you with 4 acts and their 2 songs each!

Round 3 will see the public pick their 2 favourite songs from the 8 remaining to go into a final public vote!

Get It, Got it, GOOD!



Andrew here with you with this years German National Final, thanks to Garrett for getting the article ready in record time. The show begins with Conchita singing Rise Like A Phoenix. We are introduced to Barbara our hostess and Conchita leads a rendition of Happy Birthday with the crowd for Barbara’s birthday. Awwww!


Mrs. Greenbird: Shine, Shine, Shine and Take My Hand

Mrs. greenbird on first tonight and their first song is Shine, Shine, Shine. They consist of a backing band and a girl singer along with a guy also singing and playing guitar. This is a pleasant enough singalong kinda song. Fairly folksy too and is a perfect start to the show. happy and well sung for sure but not sure its got the instant appeal for the Eurovision stage. We shall see though.

Alexa Feser: Glück and Das Gold von morgen

Alexa is on 2nd tonight with her first song Gluck. Indeed this could well bring Alexa luck tonight. She sits at a piano while giving a faultless vocal. She has a very distinctive voice and her song is upbeat and very modern. A great backbeat during the chorus she is backed by a band and a couple backing singers. This is good indeed and would definetly do well at Eurovision. Great crowd reaction too.

Faun: Hörst du die Trommeln and Abschied

Faun bring some pagan folk to the German Final with their first song Horst du die Trommeln. Lots of heavy drums here and bagpipes. Me like it already(Scottish). Male as well as female vocals and all dressed in very pagan ways. It is totally different to anything else we have heard in the NF circuit so far this year and that is a good thing. I think it reminds me a bit of Sanomi from Belgium years ago and could also do very well at Eurovision just as they did.

Noize Generation: Song For You and Crazy Now

With Song for you we move onto Noise Generation. The singer is Swedish and called Patrick. After an intro with piano we soon go more upbeat and more rave/electronica. It interludes between both styles and is accompanied by backing singers and robot dancers who light up in their suits. You certainly cannot say there is no choice and variation in the acts tonight. I liked that too.

Ann Sophie: Jump The Gun and Black Smoke

The winner of the wildcard at clubconcert last week. Ann Sophie is singer her song Jump The Gun and must have a slight advantage as its been heard before and won. She has four backing singers with her and is resplendent in a red jump suit. This is a lovely contemporary mid tempo song with a good beat to it. Her vocals are slightly quirky and good. I am sure she could well be in the mix to advance from this stage with this. She does remind me slightly of last years German entry.

Fahrenhaidt: Frozen Silence and Mother Earth

We now have some what is known as nature pop apparently. Fahrenhaidt with Frozen Silence is a haunting little number. They have 3 ballet dancers on stage in tutus. Its a beautiful ballad and the singer has a fantastically haunting vocal. Really really nice performance and another good crowd pleaser.

Laing: Zeig Deine Muskeln and Wechselt die Beleuchtung

The 3 girls from Laing are on exercise bikes and their song is another quirky song. A good electronic back beat to it sets it apart and the vocals are deep and sweeping at times. We also have a female dancer who is prancing about flexing her muscles after all that’s what the song is about. Ok but not brilliant.
Andreas Kümmert: Home Is In My Hands and Heart Of Stone

Last but by no means least is a former winner of The Voice in Germany so no doubt Andreas can sing. Pretty boy he aint but fantastic singer and performer he certainly is. This is very simple but classy. he is sitting on a stool alongside a guy playing guitar. The song has a heavy guitar feel to it and then fills out with a lovely orchestration and has light as well as dark moments. Brilliant vocal performance and a memorable ballad with an instant hook. What could possibly go wrong picking this song? Oh and I almost forgot, he has a beard!!



While the public are voting we have mark forster on with a song. I think he appeared at the Club Concert though my German aint the best so could be wrong.

My predictions to advance to the next stage are as follows.

Andreas Kummert


Ann Sophie

Alexa Feser

 Although I also felt that all other artists gave good performances tonight. overall a good varied selection.


The acts to progress are Alexa, Ann Sophie, Faun and Andreas.

So not bad I got 3 out of 4 right.

So we will now move onto the 2nd songs from these artists.

Alexa Feser: Das Gold von morgen

Another lovely song from Alexa here. Very piano and violin based ballad very haunting and great vocals. Its going to be hard for the public to choose between both her songs as they are both pretty classy.

Ann Sophie: Black Smoke

Another decent song from Ann Sophie a good beat to it but I think I prefer her first song still. But a good performance once again very confident young lady indeed.

Faun : Abschied

Wow this is different. The girls are standing with angle poised lights on their mike stands lighting up their faces. Great vocals once again and a very interesting song indeed. Totally different to anything so far at Eurovision this would stand out a mile or kilometre or two.  A great reaction from the audience. Wow this competition just got more difficult.

Andreas Kümmert: Heart Of Stone

A bit more uptempo this song. Another great vocal performance from Andreas. Its going to be very difficult for the public to choose between his songs as both are excellent.


This is very difficult as I find 7 out of the 8 songs presented to be really good.

Faun ‘s best song is Abschied. I would pick Alexa’s first song Gluck and Ann Sophie’s Jump The Gun.

Andreas is a lot harder as both are excellent. But I will just go with Home is in My Hands for its simplicity.

But the two to go to the Superfinal ? Well ok I will pick Andreas with Home is in My Hands and and Faun with Abschied. Probably will be totally wrong though as its a great selection.


Yep I was totally wrong. Andreas I got right but its Heart of Stone.

Also through is Ann Sophie with her 2nd song Black Smoke.

Two great songs to choose from Germany. May the best one win.

We are getting a look through some of the songs already chosen for Eurovision.

We are now getting both the songs performed again. Ann Sophie is giving it her all. Also I have warmed to her song a lot more the second time around. Andreas with Heart of Stone and another memorable performance and its whipping up the crowd. I feel he is going to be going to Vienna with this performance. Yes really good.

My prediction then is Andreas to go to Vienna.

Conchita gives us a performance of her new song Unstoppable while we await the result.

And indeed Andreas Kummert will go to Vienna with heart Of Stone. Well done and an excellent show tonight.


A huge twist. Andreas has turned down the chance and handed the ticket to Ann Sophie.

So Ann Sophie will go to Vienna with Black Smoke.

Amazing scenes here and no amount of booing from the crowd. but there it stands and she reprises her song.

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  1. “The acts to progress are Alexa, Ann Sophie, Faun and Andreas.”

    “Faun : Abschied

    Wow this is different. The girls are standing with angle poised lights on their mike stands lighting up their faces. Great vocals once again and a very interesting song indeed. Totally different to anything so far at Eurovision this would stand out a mile or kilometre or two. A great reaction from the audience. Wow this competition just got more difficult.”

    Faun: Abschied ???
    Which ‘Live’ show did you see Andrew?

  2. Hi Andrew, you got one of the finalists wrong, it’s Laing instead of Faun. Have to agree about Andreas Kümmert, his second song would be my favourite.

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