Eurovision 2015

United Kingdom : Bizarre Tweet about the BBC’s search for Eurovision 2015

BBC Eurovision 2015 Photo : BBC

BBC Eurovision 2015 Photo : BBC

United Kingdom : Bizarre Tweet about the BBC’s search for Eurovision 2015

You know it is that time of the year when the ‘Who will represent the UK at Eurovision?’ machine goes into overdrive!

This year is no exception but we came across this Tweet that was just so BIZARRE that we had to share it with you all – including the BBC to get their comment on it!

Now, in our weak translation skills it allegedly says that the BBC will be looking for the fans to have an input into the UK potential selection that will see the BBC and ITV together on the potential process.

Well that is like Strictly Come Dancing and X-Factor getting together to look at Saturday Night viewing options together.

Normally we would pass on this but that Twitter Feed has been on the money in the past with news across Europe. So we have asked the BBC to comment.

They were very quick to respond saying

“There are no plans to work with ITV for selecting this year’s UK entry.”

They went on to say that they are working with song writers, record labels and BBC Introducing as per their post on the BBC Eurovision Blog

So we guess that Simon Cowell will have to wait another year as he did say he wanted to work on Eurovision in the past!

If you want 10 acts from the ‘BBC Introducing’ talent pool like Molly from last year, then HERE are our picks


How do you think the BBC should select their act for Eurovision 2015? Is the BBC Introducing route the way to go again? Or should the BBC revert to selecting an established artist? Or should they revive the ‘Song for Europe’ show?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Twitter 

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  1. Here’s what I can’t understand: Why doesn’t the BBC, one of the biggest broadcasters in the world, opt for a big, multi-week national final process a-la Melodifestivalen to select the British entry? It’s not as if they couldn’t afford to do it, and there would surely be a lot of interest in such a system given the talent pool in the UK at the moment (Sam Smith’s FOUR Grammy awards anyone?), so it baffles me that they pay it such paltry lip-service year after year.
    Same goes for RTE, fobbing us off with a titchy little Late Late Show non-event for a couple of hours every February in which a disinterested Ryan Tubridy is trotted out to remind the viewing public for the umpteenth time that Ireland is the all-time Eurovision champ with a record seven victories but we’ve had a poor run of luck in recent times and maybe this could be the year we turn it all around and recapture our former glory and blah blah blah. It’s just not good enough when you consider the wealth of musical artistry produced by these islands and the potentially career-making platform Eurovision can provide.
    Then again, both the BBC and RTE have monopolized their respective countries’ Eurovision selections since the Contest’s inception and, like all unchallenged monopolies, they’ve both grown extremely complacent. For this reason, I advocate outside parties such as ITV (and maybe TV3 in Ireland’s case) showing an interest in becoming involved in the national final process, even if it is only speculation, because the current state of affairs in both countries is pretty poor.

  2. Here we go again. Just do/announce something and get on with it and stop making such a big deal out of keeping it all so hush hush for such rubbish end results each year. It becomes a yawn-fest year in year out. The only time something good did work was when they did the search and Jade Ewan won through and they got a good result. Perhaps they should try this again however the BBC are as bad as RTE in how much they’ve lost their way with the contest. As for giving it to the ubiquitously monstrous Cowell, he shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near it imo but no doubt (like the even more awful Bjorkman) he’ll get his greedy hands on it at some point, will no doubt drag in the totally out of touch Louise Walsh along for the ride and will ruin it for everyone.

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