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UK : 10 of the ‘BBC Introducing’ Acts certainly worthy of Eurovision 2015

Jetta - BBC Introducing. Photo :

Jetta – BBC Introducing. Photo :

With the news that the BBC is opening up song submissions for Eurovision 2015 and exploring all opportunities, it was interesting to see the ‘BBC Introducing’ artist spotlight mentioned by Guy Freeman. Molly came to our attention via this initiative along with some seriously high-profile artists like Ed Sheeran, George Ezra, Chipmunk and Florence and the Machine to name but a few.

So who from the recent and current crop of ‘BBC Introducing’ acts could the BBC look to for Eurovision 2015? We bring you 10 acts from RnB, to folk to Indie to Electronic that could build on the renewed interest in the contest following Molly’s participation in Copenhagen.



A young RnB/Hip Hop singer that appeared on the BBC Introducing stage at Glastonbury 2013. Fresh, charismatic and seriously on trend.

Twin Atlantic

Scotland’s finest that are now signed and have certainly established as a strong live band. They are rock/pop with great vocals.



Great soul and rapping combination that pays homage to old school greats. He was part of the BBC Introducing stage this year at the Reading Festival.

Martin Luke Brown

Well crafted pop songs and good looks make Martin a very interesting proposition.


Al Lewis

A folk/pop outfit that is very easy listening.



A funky/electronic band that have gained notice on the BBC Introducing circuit. They played ‘The Big Weekend’ in Glasgow this year.


Frankie Davies

The Common Linnets this year proved that modern country music has a place at Eurovision and more importantly in the charts. Frankie Davies is certainly in this genre.


Benjamin Folke Thomas

His music is inspired by Bluegrass country and is storytelling in nature. Amazing live guitar skills.



A female singer with hints of Adele but with a more urban edge to her. She could be amazing on a Eurovision stage.


Jack Garratt

An eclectic mix of music that fuses rock, hip hop and indie music. You can’t pigeon-hole his sound but it is distinctive. He was on the BBC Introducing stage at Reading this year.


These are ’10 BBC Introducing’ acts that are certainly worth your attention. If you are looking for music that is NOT bubblegum pop then you are in the right place. If UK Eurovision fans are looking for Scandi-Pop then look to Scandinavia as you will not get it here. A leap of faith needs to be taken again this year and most importantly the BBC needs to offer these acts full creative support at Eurovision but also give them access to festivals like Glastonbury after the contest. That is the exposure that you offer these up and coming acts that would not usually consider Eurovision in the past. Keep the forward momentum of making Eurovision current in the UK media and music scene.

Are the UK Eurovision fans brave enough to take on a less conventional act? Is the BBC willing to push the envelope even more next year? Is Europe ready again for a non conformist act to win the contest like this year? Time will tell! We say “Go For It”!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. I am completely on board with the idea of us sending something non-conventional, something that isn’t immediately thought of as “Eurovision” (to the average UK viewer!)

    Taking risks and sending an act that can have a career after the contest is definitely something the BBC should be doing. I’m a big advocate of them using BBC Introducing as where else can an artist get such a big opportunity for exposure? Eurovision can (and should) be a great vehicle for helping to launch new talent, alongside more established artists.

    I’m really interested to see what the BBC come up with this year!

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