Simon Cowell threatens Eurovision-style global talent show challenge

Simon Cowell Challenges Eurovision. Photo : Wikipedia

Simon Cowell Challenges Eurovision. Photo : Wikipedia

As they say “imitation is the highest form of flattery” and that could be the case as details are emerging that music mogul Simon Cowell is threatening to produce a Eurovision-sytle global talent show. Is the EBU up for the competition?

Not content will selling ‘The X-Factor’ in 147 territories he is now looking to expand the ‘Got Talent‘ concept into a Global Contest.

Cowell said at the Mipcom television conference in Cannes he is looking to create a

pan-regional entertainment format, which would incorporate the spirit of the Eurovision Song Contest. It is something we have been thinking of for more than three years – a long, long time – and I think it is going to get easier, not harder now”

Each country would put forward a singer, dance troupe etc and the public in each country would vote for their favourite act. Cowell recognised that the ‘Global Idol’ show was a flop as it took almost half an hour to hear the critique from each of the 16 judges that were copies of his own direct style.

“There were something like 16 judges on that show, so the judging took about half an hour on each act, and every one of them had been put on the show to be the equivalent of me. It was ‘who could be ruder’ each time. It was just a disaster.The ‘Got Talent’ [format] would be the most obvious one to start with. We’ll definitely be in that space sooner rather than later.”

Cowell also disclosed that his Syco Entertainment company was developing a new series which would run exclusively on a web streaming service, like Netflix. He said:

“We are going to announce something soon that is going to be a big show, not on a cable network, not on a major network, and I think it is a bit of a game changer because the market has suddenly just got bigger.”

This is the time that Eurovision needs to step up to the plate and get creative with the concept or it runs the risk of being out played on its own concept as the ‘Got Talent’ brand is live in more territories than Eurovision including America, Asia, South America, Australia and Africa as well as Europe.

One would not put it past Cowell to schedule the event around the same time as Eurovision. With X-Factor/Got Talent having weekly audiences of over 9 million viewers in the UK alone that is slightly ahead of the BBC’s viewers for Eurovision.

Watch this space on Cowell’s Eurovision challenge.

What should Eurovision do to stay creative and cutting edge in the TV market?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : The Independent

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  1. Oh please.
    To state the obvious:
    Cowell’s “world’s next big got-talent X-factor idol”, or whatever it’ll be called, will trot out a string of wannabes singing what exactly? …
    The ESC is a SONG contest – not a talent contest.
    A contest of NEW songs.
    That’s the “spirit” of the ESC.
    No comparison.
    EBU: Ignore the Cowell circus and “stick to your knitting”.

  2. Oh, please.
    To state the obvious:
    Cowell’s “World”s next biggest got-talent x-factor idol”, or whatever it will be called, will feature a bunch of people singing what? … Covers!
    The ESC is a SONG contest.
    NEW songs.
    THAT is the “spirit of the ESC”.
    No comparison.
    The EBU should ignore the Cowell circus, and “stick to its knitting”.

  3. This is the reason Simon Cowell would not do a show to find the UK entry for Eurovision – he wants control of the WHOLE concept which he wouldn’t get past the ‘Song For Europe’ stage…

    Pity though.

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