Sweden : More details on Conchita’s performance at Melodifestivalen Grand Final

Conchita in Stockholm

Conchita jetted into Stockholm and the news of her performing at the Melodifestivalen Grand Final was confirmed. However more details of the performance are now being released in Swedish media.

According to sources at Nöjesbladet, Conchita will be performing a song along with Sanna Nielsen (Sweden 2014 and Melodifestivalen presenter) and Robin Paulsson (Melodifestivalen Presenter) at the Friends Arena for the Melodifestivalen Grand Final.

Conchita recorded the song that she will perform in a studio in Stockholm and then was taken by the Melodifestivalen Executive Producer Christer Björkman to a dance studio in the city.

Moments later Nielsen and Paulsson were seen entering the same dance studio.

Are we in for a Eurovision 2013 style interval act? Knowing SVT probably so.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Aftonbladet

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