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Sweden : Meet the contestants in Heat 3 of Melodifestivalen 2015

Andreas Johnson at Melodifestivalen 2015. Photo : YouTube

Andreas Johnson at Melodifestivalen 2015. Photo : YouTube

Meet the contestants in Heat 3 of Melodifestivalen 2015

In true Melodifestivalen spirit, we now present the third round of the contestants that make up Heat #3 of Melodifestivalen 2015. But before we look at the remaining acts, here are some interesting facts about Sweden and Eurovision to impress your friends with at your next Eurovision/Melodifestivalen party:

* Sweden has won the contest 5 times, a feat rivalled by France, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom. But unlike these other countries, Sweden is the only country in the history of Eurovision (so far!) to host the contest in 5 different decades.

* Eurovision 2012 marked Sweden’s most recent win – let’s face it, Loreen’s victory in Baku was almost a foregone conclusion before the overture even started! What makes Euphoria unique is that it was awarded 12 points by more countries (18 out of the 42 nations taking part) than any other song in history!

* In 54 Eurovision appearances, Sweden has only ever come last twice, in 1963 and 1977. Their 1963 last place was with the dreaded ‘nul points’. Since the introduction of the semi-finals in 2004, Sweden has also been absent from only 1 final – hosted by neighbour Norway in 2010.

* Alongside Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, Sweden was among the first countries to adopt televoting for Eurovision in 1997. They used this to give Iceland 8 points – which sadly for Iceland, was just under half of all the points they received that night!

* Almost all of Sweden’s entries have been sung in either Swedish or English. In 2009, Malena Ernman sung the refrain of La Voix in French, but the song was mostly in English.

Anyway, enough trivia, on with the show!



If you’re familiar with Swedish television, chances are you recognise Andreas. After taking part in Idol, Let’s Dance, Körslaget and Så Ska Det Låta, he’s now adding Melodifestivalen to his list of television credits. About his song, it’s been said “Think Sam Smith meets Robbie Williams”, which sounds like it is sure to go down well across the continent!


Self-styled “multi-talented artist, street dancer and songwriter” Isa’s first foray into music was with her single BOMB – at the tender age of just 14. Now 16, she’s spent the last year out in LA recording and clearly has the world stage in her sights. Could representing Sweden catapult her to global superstardom? If BOMB is anything to go by, she certainly has the talent!


Kalle won his place in Melodifestivalen by coming first in Svensktoppen Nästa, a Swedish radio competition designed to discover new musical talent. From over 1000 songs that were submitted, 17 year old Kalle emerged triumphant. His song has been described as “up tempo” and “extremely catchy” which is just what we like from our Eurovision entries!


After failing to progress past the judge’s house on the Swedish X-Factor in 2012, Kristin sang on Albin’s Din Soldat, which stormed Swedish charts earlier this summer. Her Melodifestivalen entry is a ballad part-written by Fredrik Kempe, who has penned no fewer than 4 Melodifestivalen winners. Combining these two massively successful artists sounds like a dead-cert for the final!


Like something out of a Broadway musical, Ellen rose to fame after she performed France’s L’enfer et Moi as a stand-in singer during rehearsals for Eurovision 2013. This lead her to taking part in Melodifestivalen the following year, where she finished 7th. Ellen herself says that this year’s entry is nothing like last year’s Songbird, but is much more her own style of music.


Jon has had a frankly amazing life. Originally born in Colombia, he was adopted by a Swedish Saami family and grew up as a reindeer herder – and this was all before he won Sweden’s Got Talent with his Saami joiks! In case you’re wondering what a traditional Saami joik is and what it sounds like, have a listen below: Juries are sure to love a touch of traditional culture!


2015 marks the 6th time Andreas will be at Melodifestivalen, having previously entered as a solo artist and also as a duet with Eurovision winner Carola in 2008. His best result to date came in 2007 when he came second to The Ark and missed out on going to Helsinki. Will he fare better this year and get a ticket to Vienna? You will remember Andreas from his monster international hit in 1999 – ‘Glorious’. It still sounds amazing today!

So tell us who the acts in Heat #3 are you most interested in hearing their songs? This heat seems to have some diversity from traditional Swedish music to rock to young pop starlets.

Author : James Scanlan

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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