Are they the most prolific Music Publishing Company at Eurovision 2015?

Sweden Songs at Eurovision 2015 selections. Photo :

Sweden Songs at Eurovision 2015 selections. Photo :

Are they the most prolific music publishing company at Eurovision 2015?

‘Sweden Songs’ music publishing company (music publisher Keith Almgren) have so far 9 songs (maybe 10) (!) in national competitions to Eurovision 2015

L-Ahwa (the siblings of Gianluca Bezzina who represent Malta in Eurovision song Contest 2013 with song “Beautiful to me” (written by Erik Anjou). They made the Grand final in the Maltese national selection last month.

Christina Tselepou “In these arms” written by Erik Anjou, Peter Svensson Andreas Georgallis (Cyprus winner 2013 Despina Olympio)

Pieros Kezou “Said it all before” written by Pieros Kezou and Staffan Stavert

Lucy Sofroniou “Lonely” written by Nicklas Säwström and Christian Löwenborg Wahlström

Maria Evangelou “Play me like a popsong” written by Calle Kindbom, Viktor Brunö and Sara Gunnarsson



Dana Markitan “Love me” written by Patrik Öhlund and Madelene Hamberg


Nicollette Fyo “Love is from heaven” written by Calle Kindbom and Dan Fernström

Julia Sandu “Fire” written by Calle Kindbom, David Wilhelmson and Philip E Morris Åkerblad

Irina Kitoroaga “I´m gonna get you” written by Gicu Gimbir, Keith Almgren, Madelene Hamberg, Patrik Öhlund and Erik Anbjou



They have submitted a song for Ryan Dolan to the Irish national selection for Eurovision 2015 (written by Calle Kindbom (Give me your love – Fame in Eurovision Song contest 2003), Jonas Thander and Tony
Sanchez-Olsson (Pastora Soler Eurovision Song Contest 2012 etc)

Sweden Songs music publishing company & publisher Keith Almgren have had songs earlier for Sweden, Finland, Latvia (3 songs 2013), Moldova, Malta, Belgium, Azerbaijan (Farid Mammadov “Hold me” Eurovision Song Contest 2013)

Keith Almgren has previosly also been publisher (Scandinavian Songs) for Swedish winner Charlotte Nilsson (nowadays Perrelli) song “Take me to your heaven” (winner of Eurovsion Song Contest in Jerusalem) and the year after in Eurovision for the Swedish contributions song with Roger Pontare when Sweden also was host for ESC in Stockholm

For more information on SWEDEN SONGS you can do so at and

Potentially 10 songs in National selections across Europe. That is pretty impressive. They seem to be striking the right note with National Broadcasters in their search for their Eurovision 2015 selections. What do you think of the songs?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Sweden Songs

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