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Ireland : Eurovision 2015 Selection gets 2 entries from a well known writer

Michael James - Take My Body Close. Photo : Michael James Facebook

Michael James – Take My Body Close. Photo : Michael James Facebook

Ireland’s search for Eurovision 2015 is getting me hot under the colour as the amount of talent that has risen to the challenge of the open selection is confounding tabloid critics that claim there is no interest in the contest.

Eurovision Ireland can confirm that an Irish songwriter and his team (whom people will know from European National Selections) has entered 2 songs into the Irish search for their Eurovision 2015.

Michael James Down from Northern Ireland has confirmed that he has sent in 2 entries to RTÉ for Eurosong 2015. Michael’s previous songs came second in Latvia and Moldova and third in Iceland all in 2013. He has had countless entries in other national selections but has been eagerly awaiting an open selection in Ireland.

He has worked on his songs with Pimoz Poglajen, Adam Featherstone, Sara Ljunggren, Tommi Kalenius, Suvi Vainio and Sanna Santti.

Michael was part of the composing team behind Samantha Tina’s second place song ‘I Need A Hero’ in Latvia in 2013. That same year he was also a member of the team behind Boris Covali’s second place song ‘Runaways’ in Moldova and Birgitta Haukdal’s ‘Meðal Andanna’ that came third in Iceland.

Michael has also entered the Swiss National Selection this year with his song ‘Boom’.

So with 2 songs in the mix for Ireland can Michael get his wish and sing for Ireland.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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