Eurovision 2014

IRELAND : Watch Jedward’s live performance of their new song ‘Ferocious’

Jedward 'Ferocious'. Photo : RTE Player

Jedward ‘Ferocious’. Photo : RTE Player

They’re back – well they never left us! Jedward premiered their new song ‘Ferocious’ on RTE’s ‘The Saturday Night Show’ last night.

The song comes from their new album that they have written and produced themselves – Kudos.

It is a more mature Jedward that will surprise some people who only know them from Eurovision. ‘Ferocious’ has a club feel to it and it certainly had the audience all hyped up.

Even the show’s host Brendan O’Connor commented that this was “a new chapter” for the twins a “grown up Jedward”.

‘Ferocious’ is released on Friday October 24th. With their new album recorded it will certainly fuel the speculation that they want a third shot at Eurovision!

We are certainly liking the new song. Bravo guys!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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  1. I love Ferocious! Just like the first time I heard John and Edward sing, when they performed Lipstick at 2011’s ESC, I’ve woken up with the song going through my head – which in my books is the sign of a great song! Thanks Garrett for another lovely piece!

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