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UK : Bucks Fizz and Sweet Dreams team up for Eurovision tour

Bucks Fizz World Tour. Photo : Wikipedia

Bucks Fizz World Tour. Photo : Wikipedia

It’s time to walk down the nostalgia Eurovision road as the 1981 Eurovision winners Bucks Fizz announce a 70 date world tour. However they will be including a member from the UK’s 1983 Eurovision representatives Sweet Dreams.

Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan and Jay Ashton are members of the original Bucks Fizz who will be performing in their tour that begins in Blackpool on April 3rd 2015. However the band knew that fans expected to see 4 members singing. Without Bobby G  the band decided to enlist the singing talents of another Bobby – Bobby McVay – who was the male singer of Sweet Dreams who sang the classic ‘I’m never giving up’ in 1983.

Cheryl Baker said

“Having performed several gigs with our friend Stephen Fox, Mike, Jay and I realised that people expect to see four on stage when they see Fizz, so we are delighted to introduce Bobby McVay as our guest singer for the tour”.

Jay added

“As a four-piece, the songs will be heard as they were intended to be heard, with four voices rather than three and the dance routines will have the full effect again. We are really looking forward to being on the road again. Performing in a theatre gives us the chance to produce a show we can be proud of, and we truly hope our audiences enjoy hearing the hits once more, together with a few of our lesser known album tracks.”

The band have gone on to say that they are writing new material that they will perform with the possibility of it being released. Their 70 date tour will take in the UK, Ireland, Europe and Australia. They have become a firm favourite on the nostalgia circuit with appearances at the ‘Her and Now’ and ‘Rewind’ Festivals.

So get ready to rip those skirts off and maybe even dance on some chairs too.

What Eurovision acts  would you like to see touring again?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Blackpool Gazette

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