2 Fabiola say ‘Yes Please’ to Eurovision 2015 for Belgium

2 Fabiola featuring Loredana were knocked out of the Belgian selection for Eurovision 2014 in the Semi Final. However their song ‘She’s After My Piano’ has gone on to be a huge success in Belgium being certified Gold and an international release is set for the song too.

Pat Krimson from the band said

“But we also want to participate in the contest (Eurovision) for RTBF. …..Contacts with the French public broadcaster, we have not had, but we will work on it. If VRT can send Axel Hirsoux to Eurovision it might be nice if the RTBF and Flemish people send us as their act”.

Their song this year ‘She’s after my piano’ was written by Ovi Jacobsen of Paula and Ovi fame from Romania. Might he be tempted to write for them again for Eurovision?

The band are set to release their new song ‘One Night in Dubai’ that has their distinctive Europop vibe to it and features my favourite Eurovision instrument the accordion. I really need to learn how to play it!

Eurovision is the place for an act like 2 Fabiola – light, fun and not to be taken too serious all the time. They have laid their cards on the table for RTBF (Belgian National Broadcaster) What is interesting to note is that the band are already signed to Universal Music (who the EBU give exclusive rights to for Eurovision single releases) – so it is a case of watch this space.

Belgium alternates between their 2 broadcasters on who will bring an act to Eurovision. VRT did this year and therefore it now turns to RTBF to select for Eurovision 2015. They have in the past tend to select the artist internally and then have a public vote for the song – like with Roberto Bellarosa in 2013.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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  1. Reblogged this on POP CORKER and commented:
    Well well… It’s been quite a while since a popular Belgian act has been so enthusiastic about going to Eurovision. They would certainly have my vote if they came with something absolutely infectious and bonkers.
    Credit where it’s due. Read the full article by Gareth from Eurovision Ireland below.

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