Eurovision 2014

Watch Dima Bilan get his freak on as he and The Voice mentors ‘Come Together’

Dima Bilan - The Voice. Photo -

Dima Bilan – The Voice. Photo –

In case you haven’t known but ‘The Voice of Russia’ has started back on Channel 1 and they have promoted the show ‘Big Style’. Eurovision winner Dima Bilan is one of the mentors on the show and along with his fellow judges they took to the stage for a performance of a Beatles classic.

The very aptly selected song for the reuniting mentors was ‘Come Together’ and Dima Bilan took to the stage first and gave it some serious swagger. Throughout the performance you could see him channeling the spirit of Elvis with those hip movements! Hot!

There is still no official communication from Channel 1 if the winner of ‘The Voice’ will represent Russia at Eurovision 2015. Indeed the Russian delegation has advised Eurovision Ireland that no discussions have taken place on Russia’s involvement in Vienna at this time.

Would you miss Russia at Eurovision?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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      • hmm nice question…. he is one of the most talented singers so for that yes.. but he has been twice at the contest and very succesfully .he was 2nd and 1st and he has been more known to the west Countries.. i think as he has said he “is done” with eurovision any more.. but i want sth like the interval act of Baku 😛 to see him again at Eurovision 🙂

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