Did Belgium Make The Right Decision at Eurovision 2014 as ‘She’s After My Piano’ is certified Gold

2 Fabiola featuring Loredana. Photo :

2 Fabiola featuring Loredana. Photo :

Did Belgium select the right song for Eurovision 2014? The reason that we ask this question is that the song ‘She’s after my piano’ by 2 Fabiola featuring Loredana has this week been certified Gold in Belgium.

The song was written by Ovi (of Paula and Ovi Eurovision fame) with Philip Halloun and Cecilie Harboe. It was howeve eliminated in the Semi Finals in Belgium this year but has proven to be the big hit from this year’s Belgian Eurosong.

Ovi was very happy with the chart success of ‘She’s After My Piano’ – every cloud has a silver lining as they say. Belgium sent Axel Hirsoux and his song ‘Mother’ to Eurovision and it was highly regarded in the pre contest betting. However in the semi final it placed 14th out of 16 songs and did not qualify for the Grand Final.

Should Belgium have sent ‘She’s After My Piano’ to Eurovision instead?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. “Should Belgium have sent ‘She’s After My Piano’ to Eurovision instead?”

    I’m afraid so…
    Axel sings FAR better, but ‘Mother’ was not the right song for him. I do hope though Belgium sends him again some time with a more apropriate song (I like him as a person too), but I must admit that 2 Fabiola would have been a much better choice.
    In fact, if you compare them with Donatan & Cleo (same fun category) I would have prefered them, and maybe the people would have done too, so perhaps then the Polish delegation wouldn’t have made it to the final ?

  2. In the end they would have had the same result but apart from the catchy music, “She’s After My Piano” was woeful! I reviewed in my last post as part of my being a juror in the OGAE Second Chance Contest ( and I said:

    “When did Jean-Claude Van Damme learn to play the accordion? Who transplanted the voice of ‘Mary Joe’ (Annika Ljungberg) from Rednex into the female singer? Was there ANY Belgian entry that Ruslana DIDN’T like? The tune itself is insanely catchy but that is where the good stuff ends. The lyrics become annoying very quickly, it is clearly obvious he can’t sing and the staging is amateurish to say the least. Her vocals are okay but overall this would have been a total disaster at Eurovision, unless the phrase “She’s After My Piano” was actually some Jedi mind trick that would have made the viewers vote for it! Joint lowest score of all twenty acts for me, Belgium sent the right act to Copenhagen, even though the voting audience were turned off by the guy in the suit and his dancing mum”…

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