Eurovision 2014

United Kingdom : BBC Plans For Eurovision 2015 Already?

BBC 2015 Eurovision. Photo : BBC

BBC 2015 Eurovision. Photo : BBC

Oh the rumour mill has certainly started early for the United Kingdom at Eurovision 2015. Molly injected a much-needed boost of interest into the contest for many UK Eurovision fans – it was the first time since 2011 where the act still had to pay to use public transport.

However we did see several stories doing the international circuit that Swedish and Melodifestivalen singer Linda Bengtzing had been approached by the BBC to gauge her interest in representing the United Kingdom at Eurovision 2015.

Well we thought it would be the perennial rumour that Geri Halliwell would be going to the contest in her Union Jack dress and giving it some “zig a zig ah” that would be the first rumour to surface.

So we spoke to the BBC and asked them if the stories were true and Ms Ellis from the BBC Delegation advised Eurovision Ireland that

‘discussions about artists for 2015 will happen in due course.’

So we guess that the energy from Linda Bengtzing’s recent London concert went slightly into overdrive. Now where is Halliwell’s number again? Must be here somewhere?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Sverigesradio, WiwiBloggs and Eurovision Ireland

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