EDITORIAL – Part 2: Why do women like Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst so much?

Conchita Wurst.  Photo - cbsnews

Conchita Wurst. Photo – cbsnews

Part 2 of our Editorial asking “Why do women like Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst so much?”. On Monday we had our first contribution from writer Michelle Topham and that certainly got people talking online. Today we hear from singer Angie Tilly Marper who herself had a flurry with Eurovision before.

We had our own little venture into ESC a long time ago which came to nothing unfortunately. We  enjoyed watching every year but stopped when Terry Wogan made it into too much of a joke, making fun of the artists. Being an artist myself I found it a little tasteless. Graham Norton seemed to carry on the trend, but we always tuned in for the voting. I remember the fabulous staging in 2013 and was looking forward  this year to seeing how Copenhagen would compare.

We tuned in just as they were showing the clips of the entrants before the results came through and when I saw Conchita my jaw dropped and everything just lit up, literally lit up. My first thought was “God what a beautiful creature and what a fabulous song”! My husband (Alvin) said, “I’ve been hearing about her on the radio all week, it’s a great song but I don’t know what the beard is all about, she’d look so much better without it”! I never really noticed the beard I just saw this fabulous creation.I listened to her little acceptance speech which was so powerful and I was hooked.

From that day to this I haven’t been able to get her out of my mind.  I go on line at every opportunity to gather as much information as possible, watching videos of interviews (yours are the best of course) and listening to her sing. When I saw the video from Starnacht and she sang “Believe” I cried. She looked directly into the camera and I saw a change in her eyes, there was just …. something different about her. She was no longer the drag queen from Londons GAY club, she was a star in evry sense of the word, she could hold her own amongst the Cher’s and the Celine Dion’s. She owned that stage, she was exactly where she belonged!

Listening to all the interviews I could see what you could see all those years ago. She spoke with such confidence and intelligence for someone so young. She is fascinating, fearless, beautiful, intelligent, talented, at ease with everyone, especially women it seems. The camera absolutely adores her, every photograph says something special. Conchita is the best of all of us wrapped up in one perfect human being.

I realised very quickly that I was not alone with my feelings. I was drawn to Face Book  and realised that many straight laced, married, middle aged women from all over the world were having the same experiences.  A mix of intelligent, wives, mothers, grandmothers, young teenagers, 20 something’s, straight, Gay, Lesbian, Bi all confused as to why we should be attracted to her, a drag queen. It didn’t take long for us all to become friends. I think we are all fans of long haired pretty boy rock bands, so maybe there’s something in that!

Our Conchita Facebook friends come from all genders and nationalities but we speak the same language of love and tolerance, we listen to each other, express our feelings and we seem to really care about each other. She has brought us all together.  We have called ourselves “the Crazies”! I guess we are a little crazy!

Some of my “Friends” have told me that I inspire them to be themselves and talk about their feelings I have no idea why but I am deeply honoured they should think that. I just say on FB what I am feeling and they respond! They seem to see me as some kind of guardian angel as I’ve “seen off” one or two undesirables who have posted pictures of Tom and made nasty comments when specifically asked to respect his privacy. One even told me today that she is going to see Conchita in Italy and really wanted me, out of all the others, to be with her and  because I can’t she will think about me so I can be there in spirit and she will take my love with her! I think that is so sweet.

I was also drawn very strongly to Tamara at the ESC when I saw her “looking after” Conchita. I thought what a strikingly beautiful woman, I had absolutely no idea she was a drag queen. I have worked with many drag acts in my career but I have never seen any as gorgeous as Conchita and Tamara. Conchita and Tamara both follow me on twitter but  apart from a tweet Conchita favourited once I have had no personal contact. I set up a FB fan group for Tamara with Raphaels blessing so I do have a little contact.

Conchita and Tamara. Photo : Facebook

Conchita and Tamara. Photo : Facebook

I would like to see Conchita become an all round personality, using every one of her many talents and my wish is for the population outside of the gay community to see and hear her so that they too can embrace the beauty and wonder of her. If she has this effect on us poor mortals then it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world wakes up! Many of my close family and friends still only know of the strange bearded lady from ESC. They have never heard her speak, sing or seen her perform, apart from seeing her on the Graham Norton show.

They know nothing of the story behind the creation of Conchita and have never listened to her message! When I try to explain they laugh and call me weird and obsessed so I tell them, “if being passionate about an issue and caring about the person putting themselves in the firing line for what they believe in is an obsession then I am not ashamed to say yes I am obsessed and you will be too if you open your eyes and see behind the mask!”

Angie xx

We would like to thank Angie for her article. I am sure it will get fans to think just what is it that they like about Conchita as it seems to go beyond just music. You can follow Angie’s Facebook pages on Conchita and Tamara by clicking on the links.

Guest Author : Angie Tilly Harper
Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Indeed, there are a few good reasons for one to like Conchita. I agree with everything said here. Still, my very own reason is another one: it showed up when Conchita, in her winner performance (after winning), replaced, a few times, the “I” of the song with “we” (she even replaced once the word “me” with “us”). It was not just a polite present for those who had voted her, but she really meant it, that’s what her song was all about, all the time (no matter the writer’s intention or meaning).

  2. Hello,

    I love this text so much! I totally agree with you! Conchita Is stunning and fabulous ! I’d never seen a person like her before ! My heart starts to beat only when I see some pictures of her ! Her message is great and … I have no words … She is absolutely amazing ! I’m so thankful ! And I’m happy that I take a part in the “unstoppable crazy family” and yes we are a little bit crazy…. But that’s fine 🙂
    Thank U for Ur nice Text 🙂

    Greetings Vivian, from Germanz (I’m sorry for my bad English)

  3. It may sound cheesy, but we ALL know it’s true…This is a fabulous summation of what so many of us feel about Conchita “Listening to all the interviews I could see what you could see all those years ago. She spoke with such confidence and intelligence for someone so young. She is fascinating, fearless, beautiful, intelligent, talented, at ease with everyone, especially women it seems. The camera absolutely adores her, every photograph says something special. Conchita is the best of all of us wrapped up in one perfect human being.”

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