Eurovision 2014

SWITZERLAND : Grand Final For Eurovision 2015 Selection Confirmed

Switzerland Begin their Eurovision 2015 Process. Photograph courtesy of

Switzerland Begin their Eurovision 2015 Process. Photograph courtesy of

SWITZERLAND – The land locked country had one of their best results at Eurovision in some time at the contest this year. Sebalter whistled his way to the Grand Final and captured the hearts of many and their votes.

Today it has been announced that the Swiss will keep the same selection process that they used last year. So be prepared for another lengthy selection process that kicks off on September 29th.

Switzerland will select it’s Eurovision Song Contest 2015 entry on January 31st.

Like last year each of the 3 national broadcasters ( SRF/RTR, RTS and RSI) will put forward representatives for the Grand Final. Our favourite part is the online selection round by SRF that will take place from September 29th to October 27th. This throws up the fabulous to the unusual to the down right crazy – and we love them for it! Online votes and jury votes will select 9 acts to go forward in the SRF/RTR selection process.

Part Deux – This is when the expert panel will listen to the 9 SRF, 6 RTS and 3 RSI acts perform live. These 18 acts will be whittled down to 6

  • 3 from SRF/RTR
  • 2 from RTS
  • 1 from RSI

If you have survived this audition process then you will have made it to the Swiss Final ‘Entscheidungsshow’ on January 31st in the Bodensee-Arena in Kreuzlingen. The winner will be selected by a 50/50 Jury/Public vote.

If you want to enter – here are the official details

Can the first hosts of Eurovision win the 60th edition of the contest?

Who would you like to see represent Switzerland at Eurovision 2015?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : SRF

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