Eurovision 2014

Glamour Model wants to represent the United Kingdom at Eurovision 2015

Glamour Model Josie Cunningham wants to represent the UK at Eurovision 2015? Photo :

Glamour Model Josie Cunningham wants to represent the UK at Eurovision 2015? Photo :

Today it has been written that an infamous new wannabe glamour model has her eyes on the Eurovision 2015. It is only July and the United Kingdom is full of aspiring wannabes announcing that they want to represent the country at Eurovision in 2015.

Tabloid obsessed Josie Cunningham has set out her Eurovision dreams. Josie Cunningham I hear you ask? Well this is the woman who came to the attention in the British media by having a breast enlargement operation paid for by the National Health Service (NHS). She claimed that she wanted this procedure due to her lack of confidence and that the operation would help her overcome her insecurities.

It then was reported that she wanted the operation so that she could follow her idol – Katie Price (aka Jordan) into glamour modelling. The operation was carried out on the NHS and funded by the British Taxpayer to much criticism.

This caused widespread controversy and Cunningham has now been trying to further her career by attempting to be a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK. She was interviewed where she said she would have an abortion to further her career and appear on the show – SEE HERE. She now has a publishing deal for a ‘Kiss and Tell’ book where she will talk of the alleged father of one of her children who is a well-known footballers.


Does this story get any better? Oh yes! She is now claiming £6,000 worth of taxis from the NHS as she said that due to her being ‘infamous and hated’ that using public transport gives her anxiety attacks. This means that the tax payer pays £150 a week to take her and her children to school via taxi.

Our take on this claim today in The Metro and The Mirror that Cunningham wants to enter Eurovision for the UK is nothing more than a publicity stunt to promote her upcoming book and her alleged cover version of the Cheeky Girls song ‘Touch My Bum’. I could say with 99.99% certainty that the good old BBC would veto such a decision. We would say there is more chance of ‘The Hump’ returning to Eurovision for the UK than Josie Cunningham being selected.

However let’s not forget that Cunningham’s idol Jordan was pipped to second place in the UK selection for Eurovision in 2005! This has to be seen to be believed!

Katie Price (Jordan) – Not Just Anybody by kyliemusic

This just made us giggle when we read this. It is officially ‘Eurovision Open Season’ in the UK. Keep them coming!

Would Josie Cunningham representing the UK at Eurovision make you tune in or tune out?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : The Mirror and The Metro


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  1. There are no words… (actually there are a few, but as this is a family forum, I shall reserve them for the moment).

    Also, and not to sound too unkind, but is it not a basic requirement of glamour modeling that the models in question be at least marginally attractive in the face department? Or have I grossly misunderstood the intricacies of the genre?

  2. Tune out definitely! What an absolutely TERRIBLE person!
    And she looks awful too, despite of her operations !!

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