The UK Charts Go Crazy For Eurovision 2014

UK Top 40. Photo : BBC

UK Top 40. Photo : BBC

The official UK charts have just been released and there are no fewer that 13 Eurovision 2014 songs in the Top 100 and 4 of them in the prestigious Top 40.

The Common Linnets may have come second to Conchita at Eurovision 2014 with their song “Calm After The Storm”, but they are like a hurricane and blown into #9 in the charts. Conchita Wurst has also gone in at number #17 in the charts with her Eurovision winning song “Rise Like A Phoenix”.

Molly from the UK has gone up a further 10 places to #23 after being on the charts for 5 weeks now. Sanna Nielsen from Sweden has had her first ever UK chart song with “Undo” that comes in at #40. Below is the full run down of the 13 songs that have entered the UK charts this week.

UK Music Charts. Photo BBC

UK Music Charts. Photo BBC

This is a record showing of Eurovision songs in the UK charts at once. Is this a sign that the contest is cool again or that the BBC have put a lot of new energy into the contest with the appointment of Guy Freeman as head of Delegation? The UK had a current singer at the contest this year and had the BBC Eurovision Pop up station at the contest – that we were on several times Ahem!

Also worth mentioning is that the official Eurovision Album has entered the UK Compilations Album at #8. The UK has gone Eurovision Crazy – and about time!

Bravo UK


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : BBC Radio 1


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  1. And interestingly we have 17 Eurovision related entries in our Top 100 with The Common Linnets making no.4 & Conchita entering at no.10. Great to see. 🙂

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