Eurovision 2014

Eurovision Winner Puts The Finishing Touches To Her Band

Syngstreet. Photo : Syngstreet Facebook.

Syngstreet. Photo : Syngstreet Facebook.

Eurovision winner puts the finishing touches to her new band. Who, What and Where? Well we have all the details for you. Will we see them on a Eurovision stage anytime soon? That is the word on everyone’s lips.

Syngstreet is the 5 piece singing and dancing act that is the new creation of Eurovision Winner Linda Martin and Eurovision Mentor Stuart O’Connor of Spotlight Ireland. Linda Martin of course won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1992 and mentored Jedward in 2012. Stuart O’Connor was Ryan Dolan’s Mentor at Eurovision 2013 and has worked extensively with Jedward on their tours and christmas shows.

Linda and Stuart have created the band Syngstreet and have already revealed 3 of the 5 members for this new pop group. First up is a familiar face and name – Alan McGrath who was one of Ryan Dolan’s sexy leather clad dancers at Eurovision 2013. Ok this band already has my attention! Good Man Alan!

Colm Farrell and Alan McGrath - Ryan Dolan's dnacers at Eurovision 2013. Photograph Eurovision Ireland

Colm Farrell (Right)and Alan McGrath (Left) – Ryan Dolan’s dancers at Eurovision 2013. Photograph Eurovision Ireland

Next up is the beautiful Sharon McCluskey and last up (for the moment) is Westside Arts student Stephen Murray. There are 2 members to be revealed – 1 male and 1 female singers. Linda was on the money with predicting this year’s Top 3 at Eurovision by posting that her favourites were Austria, The Netherlands and Sweden – I hope you put placed some bets Linda!

For all news on Syngstreet you can follow them on Facebook HERE, on Twitter HERE and on Instagram HERE . I am getting my hopes up now for a good strong pop band so don’t let me down Linda and Stuart!

Is Eurovision 2015 beckoning?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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