My Eurovision Countdown to Copenhagen Part 6

András Kallay Saunders Photo :

András Kallay Saunders Photo :

It’s Andrew James Main here  again and in the build up towards Copenhagen I am going to publish my Eurovision Countdown and Predictions of all of the songs. There will be 6 parts in all and the sixth part takes us through from position 6 to 1. This is something that I do every year and post to my Facebook wall so that some of my friends can saviour some of the delights and some of the horrors that we have to look forward to come May.

In all honesty this year is a fairly level playing field with no runaway stand out favourites and no absolute horrors. So continuing on from Part 5 which was published a few days ago we start at position 6.






I do not know what they have in the water but for the third year in a row Hungary have selected a cracking entry for Eurovision. Kallay Saunders sings the rather dark Running which combines slow verses with a much more upbeat chorus. The only negative I have on this is the subject matter of the lyrics, which appears to be about some form of chid abuse. On the plus side though the change in pace in the song does set the mood and also we get a bit of drum n bass thrown in for good measure. Kallay has a very confident soulful voice and his falsetto is excellent too. As long as they keep the performance straight forward this will do very well in the Final and could even go top 3. I am certain that Hungary will better last years placing that is for sure.








Into my top 5 and we look at Estonia. Having one the contest once before and that was in Copenhagen with a totally unfancied song. So this time they take a far better song which is Amazing sung by Tanja. This has been likened to Euphoria due to the beat and the choreography and I see the similarities but I think this is a lot bolder certainly on the choreography front. Tanja spends the entire song flying through the air or in various unnatural singing poses and pulls it all off faultlessly. Whether the backing singers are boosting her vocals at key moments is unknown at present but I think highly likely. This is one of the few catchy uptempo song in Semi 1 so I think will qualify easily and get a surprise top 10 finish.



Now this song at number 4 in my countdown shot up my rankings after Amsterdam although I did like it a lot already. Greece have sent a rather modern catchy summer sounding ditty sponsored by Viagra called Rise Up and sung by the interesting combo of Risky Kidd(who is from London) and Freaky Fortune. It starts off slow with a bit of a rap intro which is my least favourite part of the song but soon steps up a gear or three and becomes highly infectious I am sure most will be dancing along to this in Copenhagen. The later rap parts are more tuneful and a lot better and it all kind of works really well. Greece will sail into the final and can even see it hit the top 5 too. It went down a storm live in Amsterdam anyway






Into my top 3 now and one of the front runners even before it was selected was from Norway. Carl Espen sings the rather haunting Silent Storm in Copenhagen and this is one of the favourites for a victory. For me personally this is one of the few goose bump and nerve tingling songs in this years contest. Carl’s rather fragile vocal style (very similar to Antony and the Johnstons) belies his rather lumberjack look with beard and tattoos. The lyrics are very poetic and the performance understatedly simple. This will melt many peoples hearts and force them to vote for it in their droves.






Defying all logic and making it to number 2 in my countdown is a country that has not done all that well in the contest over the last 15 years or so. That country is The United Kingdom. The BBC have to be commended for changing their selection process by picking a young up and coming artist who writes her own music. Molly Smitten-Downes has specially written Children of the Universe for Eurovision in Copenhagen this year. Its a very anthemic sounding song and there is nothing else quite like among the other songs. This may help it stand out even more but it will depend on its position in the Final. Molly delivers this really well and has a good voice and the backing singers really enhance the song too. Lets hope it all comes together in about 2 weeks time to give UK their best result for years.





I post this my final song in my countdown rather appropriately whilst in the air on my way to Copenhagen, thanks to free Wi-Fi on board the flight. Armenia have come up with a rather daring contemporary ballad sung by Aram Mp3 called Not Alone. I loved this from the minute I first heard it. The way it shifts up a gear midway through really fits the mood of the lyrics and song. The brass and strings are fantastic and Aram’s voice is really emotional. He sung this well live too in Amsterdam despite a crescendo of boos from the mainly gay crowd. This is currently number 1 with the bookies and is certainly going to be up there with a chance come May 10th in the Grand Final. Follow all my comments regarding rehearsals and parties at Eurovision

So there we have it the final 6 songs in this year’s competition. You can look back over my whole Eurovision countdown on the web site. Will I have predicted the winner among my top 6?

Do you agree or disagree strongly with any of my position’s or comments then let us know?

Author/Andrew James Main
Source : Eurovision Ireland



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