Current Betting Odds For Eurovision 2014 Winner after first rehearsals

Current Betting Odds. Photo : Odds Checker

Current Betting Odds. Photo : Odds Checker

People seem to be putting their money where their mouth is and placing bets on who they predict will win Eurovision 2014. After the first set of rehearsals in Copenhagen all Semi Finalists have now been seen on stage. So which ones are going up in peoples estimations based on bets placed and which are going down?

Outright Winner Betting Odds


The OGAE Fan Network have Sweden firmly in first place but in the betting world she is playing second fiddle to Aram MP3 from Armenia. The Top 5 has a notable change since we last looked at it. Ukraine has moved into the top 5 at no. 4 replacing Norway who have dropped to no.6 ,  You can see the full list HERE


  1. Armenia
  2. Sweden
  3. Denmark
  4. Ukraine
  5. United Kingdom


Looking at the list overall it has been interesting to note some of the Semi Finalists movement either coming in on the betting odds or going out dependant on the reaction of their respective rehearsals. Notable countries who have had their odds shortened are Ukraine, Austria and Greece. Also coming in to a slightly lesser extent are Israel, Belgium, Russia, Malta, Slovenia, Lithuania and rather surprisingly  Ireland.

Countries who have seen their odds lengthen are Armenia, Norway, Hungary and Poland. Others to a lesser extent are Sweden, Azerbaijan, Romania, Estonia, Switzerland, Belarus and Moldova.



Betting Odds On Who To Qualify From Semi Final 1


In the betting odds who do they predict will qualify for the Eurovision Grand Final from Semi Final 1 – SEE HERE


The Ten songs that the odds favour to qualify are

  1. Armenia
  2. Sweden
  3. Azerbaijan
  4. Ukraine
  5. Hungary
  6. Belgium
  7. Russia
  8. Netherlands
  9. Estonia
  10. Montenegro


The main change here since last time is Netherlands moving from 10 to 8 but all the countries are the same as before. Of those outside the top 10 Albania and Iceland have slightly shortened their odds whereas Latvia and San Marino have lengthened theirs.


Betting Odds On Who Will Qualify From Semi Final 2


So who are the ten songs that people predict will qualify from Semi Final 2 – SEE HERE


  1. Romania
  2. Greece
  3. Norway
  4. Austria
  5. Ireland
  6. Malta
  7. Israel
  8. Finland
  9. Poland
  10. Switzerland


Again it is the same 10 countries qualifying as before but Greece consolidate their position moving up to 2nd at the expense of Norway. Also Malta and Israel move up a place while Finland drop 2. Those outside the top 10 Lithuania and Belarus have slightly shortened odds and FYR Macedonia and Georgia have drifted.


Who do you think will qualify for the Grand Final and win Eurovision 2014?


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