Eurovision 2014

Who We Met At Eurovision Today And a Round Of The Performances – Tuesday April 29th

András Kallay Saunders Photo :

András Kallay Saunders Photo :

It was another jam-packed day of rehearsals at Eurovision. We had 11 songs taking to the stage today. We caught up with some of the singers from today to get their take on how their time on the Eurovision stage was.


First up we had Cristina Scarlat from Moldova who let us into the secret of her dancers and costumes for Eurovision.


Next Up we met András Kallay Saunders who is performing the song “Running”. Gracious and Handsome as always!

Then we had a catch up with the Head Of Press for Junior Eurovision and the New head of the Official Junior Eurovision Website to discuss some of the highlights from today’s performances – “Shake What Your Mamma Gave You”.


Tomorrow we have 10 countries rehearsing – including Ireland – so make sure to #JoinUs for the news.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland



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