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FINLAND : Interview with UMK 2014 Finalists “Softengine”

UMK 2014 Finalists Softengine. Photo : Softengine Facebook

UMK 2014 Finalists Softengine. Photo : Softengine Facebook

Finland – Today we had the pleasure to interview UMK 2014 Finalists “Softengine” who are hoping to win the Finnish ticket to Eurovision 2014 with their song “Something Better”.

We were happy to be their first English interview and the guys proved that their talents are not just in song writing and performing.

So who do we have in the band?

Topi Latukka – lead vocals and guitar, Ossi Mäkelä – guitar and keyboards, Eero Keskinen – bass, Henri Oskár – keyboards and finally Tuomo Alarinta – drums.

So how did the band come together as we believed you started recording in a “cabin”?

Yes, the band started back in 2011 when Topi had the idea of forming a band. You are so true – we started to perform and record in Topi’s Grandfather’s cabin. We knew we had something very special together. We have come a ling way since then.

Who are your musical influences and what would be on your i-pod these days?

Oh we have many musical influences but we certainly like acts like Coldplay, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Linkin Park to name but a few. They are great bands that write and perform their own music. That is something that we admire and something that we always strive for too. As for music on our i-pods it changes all the time. Lots of Jazz music as that is another musical style that some of us like. Oh Paramore – love them!

UMK 2014 Finalists Softengine. Photo : Softengine Facebook

UMK 2014 Finalists Softengine. Photo : Softengine Facebook

You are a band that likes to perform live? Would that be true?

Yes very much so. When we started we entered several music contests like “The Lions” that we went on to win. Being able to play live is so important to us. We can see the reaction from the audience and that in turn gives us energy which we hope people can see in our music and performances.

There was a big transformation in your performance of “Something Better” between the show just for the Judges and then the show for the live public. What was the change for you?

Yes that is very true. In the first show it was just us and the judges, it was very intimate. However when we got to the live show we had a bigger stage that gave us the freedom to really perform and reach out to the audience. I think that when people see us play live they can see that our music and love of music is pure and straight from the heart. People can sense that and they can identify with that. It gives us the chance to feed off each other. We just love performing live for people. That is why we entered UMK, a chance and opportunity to perform live to so many people. That is what Softengine are all about.

Your song “Something Better” – can you tell us what it is about?

Well nobody knows this but we actually wrote the song initially as a funk song. We really liked it in that style but then started to play around with it and eventually it evolved into the pop/rock and hopefully funk sound that your can hear today. The song took us 10 days to write, record, produce and edit. It all seemed to come together very naturally and we hope people can feel our love for the song.

The song is really a love song. It is about a man thinking back over his life. He knows it would have been wonderful to have been the President or an astronaut but what really makes his life complete was the love of his wife and what that meant to him and his life.

Have you dared to think what it might be like to win the Finnish Final?

Oh we haven’t thought of that. We would love to represent Finland at Eurovision in Copenhagen but we just want to make sure that we give the best performance that we can on the night. We think that Mikko Pohjola could do very well in the Final.

Finally – What would you like to say to the readers of Eurovision Ireland and your fans in Finland?

Firstly thank you all for following our journey on UMK this year. We really appreciate the support you have given us throughout the contest. We hope that we give you a great performance on Saturday night’s Grand Final and that you can see just how much performing and singing our song “Something Better” means to us. We sing it from the heart and hope that you can feel that too.

Well we want to thank the guys from Softengine for making us their first ever interview in English. We appreciate it! We think that they are certainly in with a great opportunity of making the trip to Copenhagen for Eurovision 2014. Remember that Saturday is the Grand Final of UMK 2014 and we will be covering the show live and are certainly looking forward to Softengine’s performance of their entry “Something Better”. A special thank you to Tommi Saarikoski from Sony Music for his help in organising the interview with the band.

We have one thing to say to Softengine – “Onnea”

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. I’m so rooting for these guys to win!!! It’s really hard to say if they will. Yayyy they’re Paramore fans!! :DD It’s great they put performing live well as a priority. They sure live up to it and sound fantastic!! Love em!!!!!

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