Eurovision 2014

“Eurovision Pop of Culture Part 1”

Eurovision Pop of Culture. Photo :

Eurovision Pop of Culture. Photo :

“Eurovision Pop of Culture” is our new segment where we come across the bizarre and weird pieces of news from Eurovision artists or song writers. They may have the slightest relevance to Eurovision but they put a smile on our faces. So no need to mail us telling us that – It’s for fun – which several people seem to have forgotten about.

Today our first “Eurovision Pop Culture” or #EPC comes for the UK singing legend and 2013 Eurovision Representative Bonnie Tyler. “Believe in Me” may not have scored high at Eurovision but we will always remember her for her classics over the year – like that of “I Need a Hero”. Lancashire based Accounting Firm “Cassons” put together this video advertising mundane accounting services to Tyler’s hit. This had us giggling – or maybe that was the last drop of the Christmas Champagne.Enjoy

If you come across any funny pieces just let us know

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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