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SERBIA : Withdraw from Eurovision 2014?

Serbia not attending Eurovision 2014?  Photograph courtesy of TANJUG/ TANJA VALIC/bk

Serbia not attending Eurovision 2014? Photograph courtesy of TANJUG/ TANJA VALIC/bk

Reports in Spanish and Serbian media outlets, are claiming that Serbia may not be participating at Eurovision 2014. Articles in Olevision and are claiming that due to the current economic environment, RTS (Serbian National Broadcaster) may find it challenging to go to Copenhagen in 2014.

Is is now alleged that the station is experiencing liquidity issues and it is estimated that 8 million Euro is now outstanding to suppliers and staff salaries. The collection of license fees from citizens and advertisement revenue is allegedly not enough to support full service at the station.

The websites go as far as to say “Besides the manipulation of information and freedom of the press in the national broadcaster, audiences are becoming more dissatisfied. The channel increases its dependence on government budgets and with further cuts potentially approaching, there could be a bigger hypothetical abandonment of the EBU, which could derail the participation of Serbia at Eurovision 2014.”

The Deputy Minister for Culture and Media – Dragan Kolarević – was removed from office on Tuesday. The reason for his dismissal, is alleged by is “transparent current work on the development of media law, and failure to meet deadlines for the completion of that process.” (which includes work on RTS.)

There has been no official communication or response from RTS as to their plans for Eurovision 2014, but we will provide you with more information as it becomes available.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : and Olevision

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