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Helena Paparizou (2005) and Anabel Conde (1995). Photograph courtesy of YouTube

Helena Paparizou (2005) and Anabel Conde (1995). Photograph courtesy of YouTube

Participating or even Winning Eurovision, is most cases a joyous occasion. However there are those rare moments in time when things go sour and end up becoming legal matters for the courts and lawyers to fight over.

Two such matters are in process at present and involve a Eurovision Winner and a Eurovision Runner-up. 2005 Eurovision winner Helena Paparizou and 1995 Eurovision Runner-Up Anabel Conde have found themselves entwined in lengthy legal discussions.

Helena Paparizou

Helena Paparizou won Greece their first Eurovision victory with the song “My Number One” in 2005. The song was written by famous Greek composer Christos Dantis (or so we thought)  – who has written many hits for Greek artists including Paparizou’s first solo hit “Unanswered Call”. However in a second ruling in a Greek court – the judge upheld his original decision that Dantis did not compose “My Number One” and in fact it was his former friend and collaborator Manos Psaltakis. Psaltakis is relatively unknown in Greece. He did however come second in the 2007 Greek Eurovision National selection with the wonderful “No Madonna” – Greece really should have selected Dantis for Eurovision.

8 years or battling through the courts and the history books will now have to be rewritten to reflect the legal ruling that Manos Psaltakis was the composer of the 2005 Eurovision winning entry “My Number One”.

Anabel Conde

Anabel Conde remains a favorite of many Eurovision fans following her second place finish at the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest with the ultimate power ballad “Vuelve Conmigo”. Anabel returned to the Spanish selection again in 2010 and has since recorded a new album. However the Spanish singer has been embroiled in a dispute with her label trying to get the album released for almost 2 years now.

Anabel has assured her fans and those patrons whom have sponsored her that, “I more than anyone want to get the album to market,” She said that she feels “hopeless and helpless but I ask for patience because the album will be here. Sometimes it is difficult to understand the world of the record label, but you must trust me. ”

Anabel raised 12,700 euros to release her album – that was scheduled to be in stores on October 27th, 2011! Over 70 people made contributions to help her record the album. She assured them and her fans that “the patrons will be the first to receive the disc and that she has something in mind to make it up for this delay.” She is returning to the negotiating table this week with another label/distributor. Fingers crossed for Anabel.

Eurovision is 99.99% of the time full of “Glitz, Glam and Good Music”.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source :,, eurovisionary, Olevision and Eurovision Ireland

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