Farid Mammadov Caught Fist Fighting

Sain Ferhad and Farid Mammadov. Photograph courtesy of

Sain Ferhad and Farid Mammadov. Photograph courtesy of

Azerbaijan’s 2013 Eurovision representative Farid Mammadov looks to be holding onto some aggression following his second place finish at this year’s contest. We all know that he is a strong young man but he has taken it to another level in this fight.

This video has been posted of Farid in a fist fight with Sain Ferhad. Who is Sain Ferhad I hear you ask? Well Ferhad is a Martial Arts choreographer and actor. He is the founder of “SAINT – Stunt Fighters Group”. He is Turkish but lives between Baku and Kiev due to his work. He specializes in stunt work for tv and film. You can see him in action at his official website

So the question – “Why is Farid learning stunt fighting?” We know he likes to keep fit with martial arts but is this new video going to be an ode to Jean-Claude Van Damme or is he pursuing an acting career? From the video it looks as if he is ready for action. Is there no end to this man’s talent! Either way they both look pretty convincing to us here at Eurovision Ireland.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Sain Ferhad YouTube and Eurovision Ireland

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