AUSTRIA : Watch Natália Kelly Eurovision Follow up video “Face The Day”

Natalia Kelly - Face the Day. Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia

Natalia Kelly – Face the Day. Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia

Natália Kelly may not have brought Austria to the Grand Final of Eurovision 2013, but her follow-up song proves that this young woman is not ready to leave the airwaves just yet.

Her new song looks to be her new life mantra  – despite Eurovision disappointment, she is well placed to “Face The Day”. One has to ask why Natália did not sing her follow-up song in the Austrian National Selection?

She is an attractive young woman and “Shine” – despite being pleasant – just didn’t have an edge to it. On the other hand “Face The Day” has a great soul and RnB feel to it. This is so much more radio friendly and instantly more memorable.

The official video is according to Natália a “thank you to everyone who supported her and helped made her dreams come true participating in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013!” The video includes clips of her on the Malmo Eurovision stage and her time spent with some of the other Eurovision contestants like Emmelie de Forest, Zlata Ognevich and our own Ryan Dolan. We particularly like the way Natália tells Ryan where to look at the camera!

Give me “Face The Day” anytime over “Shine”. I hope this is a sign of things to come from this talented 18-year-old woman.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Universal Austria

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