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SPAIN : Beth from Eurovision 2003 returns

Beth - Ara i aquí. Photograph courtesy of YouTube

Beth – Ara i aquí. Photograph courtesy of YouTube

Can you “Dime” or “tell me” who represented Spain at Eurovision in 2003? Well it was the wonderful Beth and she is back with a new song and album!

Yes I can remember walking around a GIANT Carrefour store in Malaga, with a very patient Spanish sales assistant, trying to find Beth’s Eurovision album. It took an eternity – as my Spanish was and still is very limited – that in the end I had to sing a few lines of “Dime”, at which point I was promptly given my Beth CD – probably to make me stop singing. I still play that CD – as downloads were not available back then – How time goes by so quickly.

Well Beth brought Spain to the top 10 at Eurovision in 2003, and now she hopes to bring her new solo material to the Top 10 across Europe. Her new single has been released and is entitled “Ara i aquí” and is sung in Catalan – reflecting her background and culture. This is a swing/pop gem of a song where the look and image is very much of a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers Musical film. You know the type – Cute Girl out with friends, Girl sees cute Boy, Girl flirts with Boy, Girl and Boy dance, Girl and Boy are joined by lots of friends and do a catchy dance routine (that I am trying to learn as I type). But this Girl is not afraid to take hold of her Boy and show him who wears the pants and kisses him – “Girl-power Spanish Style”.

Beth - Ara i aquí. Photograph courtesy of YouTube

Beth – Ara i aquí. Photograph courtesy of YouTube

This is a sugary pop song and I have no problem enjoying over and over, even if it means I have to visit the dentist as a result. Just love this song and Beth too. Why haven’t Spain sent her back to Eurovision when she looks and sounds this good?

“Ara i aquí” is the first single from Beth’s new album “Family” that will be released on September 17th. If the first song is an indication of what is to come from Beth, then we will be buying the album. Gracias Beth.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Musica Global and Eurovision Ireland

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