Eurovision Finals 2013

UK – Bonnie Tyler’s Eurovision Follow Up Single

Bonnie Tyler - "This Is Gonna Hurt" -Photograph Courtesy of YouTube

Bonnie Tyler – “This Is Gonna Hurt” -Photograph Courtesy of YouTube

Bonnie Tyler may not have won Eurovision 2013, but she seems to have won a lot of new fans across Europe as she is touring solidly this summer. There was a lot of speculation about what would be the follow-up single to her Eurovision entry “Believe in Me” from her album “Rocks and Honey”. It is alleged that is will now be “This Is Gonna Hurt” – hopefully not that much!
You can listen to a clip of the studio version here

Bonnie has already premiered the song while on tour in Germany – here is a video of the live performance in Hamburg

For download details you can follow this link

Another rock song from Bonnie that we are all accustomed to from her. Would this have scored better at Eurovision?

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source  – Eurovision Ireland


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