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IRELAND 2014 -Thursday Eurovision 2014 Talent Search – The Girls

Eurovision 2014 Talent Search for Ireland - Roisin Murphy,  Jameia and Nadine Coyle. Photograph Eurovision Ireland

Eurovision 2014 Talent Search for Ireland – Roisin Murphy, Jameia and Nadine Coyle. Photograph Eurovision Ireland

Thursday means one thing here at Eurovision Ireland – Talent search for Eurovision 2014. Today we look at 3 women that could grace the stage for Ireland at Eurovision 2014 in Denmark – and 3 crackers that we have!

  • Roisin Murphy
  • Jamelia
  • Nadine Coyle


Roisin Murphy

The wonderful and funky Roisin Murphy – that would be known to our international readers as the singer with the amazing dance/soul band Moloko who stormed the charts in the early 2000’s. Many people thought that Roisin was British, but she is in fact from Arklow in Country Wicklow in Ireland.

Roisin is a successful singer, song writer and producer in her own right. Her time spent being the front of Moloko crafted her unique sound and image that we here at Eurovision Ireland LOVE. Moloko was a duo with Roisin’s partner Mark Brydon. The band had that unique ability to be popular and credible in the dance genre. They were regulars on the major festivals and their popularity was across Europe.

As you can see she is electric in a live performance and draws you into the camera. She has recorded several solo albums that have been highly acclaimed. There is always an enigma around Roisin that we think is mesmerizing. One of her recent songs was a collaboration with Boris Dlugosch on the song “Look Around You”. Again an authentic dance song that would easily win over the public and juries.

Roisin is a serious artists and a strong contender at Eurovision. We want you Roisin!



Jamelia is best known for being a UK RnB,  star but she has been adopted by Ireland this year following her highly successful season as Mentor on The Voice of Ireland. She has released 3 studio albums and has enjoyed 8 Top 10 singles in the UK alone. Not only does she sing but she is also an accomplished song writer. The year was 2000 when a very young Jamelia came to the music industry with the stunning Hip Hop song “Money” with Beenie Man.



Her impact in the UK was immense as there were very few British female artists taking on this genre of music. She has won 4 coveted MOBO Awards and has been nominated 9 times for a Brit Award. 2003 saw her release the highly infectious and massively successful “Superstar” and “Thank You”. This was the song that certainly made her known across Europe and further afield. Then came her “See It In A Boy’s Eyes” with the video that made being in the army look so sexy!


Jamelia replaced Brian Kennedy as a mentor on “The Voice if Ireland” and she coached Keith Hanley to victory in the show. While on the show she took to the stage herself on several occasions and wowed the audience. Here she is performing a mash up of “Thank You” and “Superstar”. So easy to see how she commands a stage and camera and can sing the socks off any song.


Nadine Coyle


Nadine Coyle is the stunning singer and song writer that is best known for being a member of the highly successful group “Girls Aloud”. The band scored 20 consecutive UK Top 10 singles – of which 4 were number 1’s. The band were nominated for 5 Brit Awards and won Best Single for the huge hit “The Promise” in 2009.

It was always clear that Nadine was one of the stronger singers in the band and featured heavily in the bands singles. On the band’s break from touring and recording, Nadine took to the studio and recorded her first solo album entitled “Insatiable”. She worked with many notable writers including Guy Chambers (of Robbie Williams fame), Desmond Child and Steve Booker to name but a few. The title track was released and it is a song with a wonderful 80’s vibe to it with an edgey feel to it with a lot of electric guitars. The song was underrated and peaked at #26 in the UK. It is undeniable that Nadine has a huge voice and looks a million dollars on camera!

Girls Aloud reformed for a Greatest Hits Tour and the band landed the explosive song “Something New” which was a huge hit and again heavily featured Nadine on Vocals. In April of this year – after the final Girls Aloud Concert – Nadine tweeted that she was back recording solo material in the studio and was “loving it”. Now it is no surprise that Eurovision would be an amazing platform for Nadine to re-launch her solo material. With the right song Nadine could be a strong contender at Eurovision and would be certain to gain new fans in the process. Remember that Nadine came to fame through a song contest “Pop Stars The Rivals” – so Eurovision would not be “Something New” for her!


There you have our 3 stunning Female singers that we think would be a sensation to Eurovision. Tell us what you think?

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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