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Friday Favorites – “Euphoria” like you have never seen

Officer Poncherello  orders you to have a Fun Friday or risk arrest! Photograph courtesy of

Officer Poncherello orders you to have a Fun Friday or risk arrest! Photograph courtesy of

Get your Freak on – It’s Friday and the weekend is upon us! Let’s start your weekend off with a giggle and good Eurovision music too.

Probably one of the most recognizable Eurovision winners in some years – Loreen’s Euphoria – has been covered, remixed, parodied and turned inside out, that you might not recognize it! So we thought we would show you a few we have come across on the internet. If you don’t like Euphoria well…”Tough Luck” as you are going to get it multiple times over now!


They always say never work with children or animals but in some cases they do manage to work. 2-year-old Vincent from Sweden became an internet sensation with his rendition of “Euphoria”. So amazing is this toddler that SVT used his video in the run up to Melodifestivalen this year. Complete with the bathroom towel he puts in a flawless performance and guaranteed his place in Melodifestivalen in 16 years time or so and be shown at all his birthday parties for the rest of his life. Classic.

Next up is “Texas” the dog with his nameless owner – or should that be shameless owner. Texas the beautiful black labrador dog is looking at his owner’s attempts to dance and has to be thinking “Hey Dude – What are you doing?”. Being mans best friend – “Texas” obliges and gets up and down off the chair and wags his tail for all he is worth, but you can see in his eyes he is saying “Please Lord don’t make this be the extended remix version of the song as I can’t take anymore of this guy’s dancing.” We take our hat off to Texas the dog for his composure as we certainly would have bitten back – especially at those dodgey dance moves from behind!


This might be a little harsh but if you are going to sing an English song on the live shows of Romanian X-Factor, then try picking a song that you know the lyrics to. What makes this even more funny is that they suspend the poor girl from the roof of the studio and cover her in a king sized bed cover that makes her look like a dancer trying to emerge from Cezar’s cape in Malmo. We especially like the fact that the video producers have actually put the lyrics that the singer is singing and it is even funnier – God Bless The X-Factor!


Goth Euphoria is a breed of man who thinks that slapping a really bad long dark wig on them turns them into a Eurovision Winner. Thank the heavens that this man exists as they have put a smile on my grumpy face! The first Goth Euphoria comes as a solo artist. Complete with my Grandmother’s net curtains and truly atrocious vocals that probably have “Texas” the dog barking as you play the video, you have to ask if Eurovision songs should be no longer than 2 minutes long! We jest – Jesper and Rasmus put on a great show – just don’t play this clip too loud in the office!

Next up we have 5 big burly strapping men who go by the name of “Inzoule”. These guys are an awesome indie pop rock band and actually recorded this amazing version of the song. It is very much like The Smiths or Echo and the Bunny Men from the 1980’s. Kudos guys for the awesome sound but there we go with the wigs and shady dance moves again that just elevate this cover version to Jepic status!


You can never keep a great woman down and that is the case of the ever surprising Linda Martin. Forget her covers of Gina G’s “Oh Ah Just a Little” of Daft Punks “Get Lucky” – Linda this year in the Press Hall of the Eurovision in Malmo, took to the stage and did a Romany Gypsy Folk Balkan version of Euphoria with the amazing band Faela – check their music out. What we love about this is that one of the guitars wasn’t working and Linda was the true professional and continued on singing. Her “up up up’s” were interesting but we still love them!


When I hear Euphoria the first thing I think of is getting into my speedos and trainers and sitting under a waterfall – well not really. I have been a little bloated lately so I would pass on the speedos and go for baggy trunks. Oh carbs you are my downfall!! However if you are one Mr DONATELLO FORTUNATO then that is exactly what you do! All we can say is that it must have been cold water if you get what we mean! But this is very funny as it is talented. What you will see is that Donatello covers hundreds of Eurovision songs that we will show you over the coming weeks. But back to Donatello in his speedos and trainers – if you got it flaunt it!

So there you have your weird and wonderful cover versions of “Euphoria”. You are officially allowed to temporarily delete the song from your playlist due to this “Euphoria” overdose. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing and I am still trying to get Donatello’s speedos out of my head as I try to eat my sausages and bacon for breakfast – not going down well!

Have a great weekend all you guys out there in Eurovision Ireland.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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