CYPRUS : Listen to new song from Mixalis Xatzigiannis “Love Strengthens”

Mixalis Xatzigiannis - Is back with a new song "Love Strengthens". Photograph courtesy of

Mixalis Xatzigiannis – Is back with a new song “Love Strengthens”. Photograph courtesy of

Eurovision 1998 Mixalis Xatzigiannis represented Cyprus with the song “Genesis” and placed 11th in the contest. Since Eurovision Mixalis has gone on to become one of the biggest recording stars in Greece and Cyprus.

Forbes magazine has even remarked on Mixalis as being the 22nd most influential person in Greece and the 5th highest singer. High praise. With 8 MAD TV Awards to his name and countless platinum records to date, there is no sign of him slowing down. He is more popular now than he ever was.

His new song “Η Αγάπη Δυναμώνει/Love Strengthens” is a rock/pop song with hints of electronic beats. Great song that is sure to be another huge hit for him. The song is already nominated for the MTV Summer Clash award in Greece where the pubic can vote for their favorite song. Want to vote for Mixalis then you can do so here

It would be great to see him back at Eurovision again in 2014!

Another great song from Mixalis.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland and Mixalis Xatzigiannis Facebook


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