Eurovision Finals 2013

SWITZERLAND : Watch Anna Rossinelli’s new video – “Let It Go”

Anna Rossinelli - Swiss Eurovision Representative 2011 returns with another album and single "Let It Go". Photograph courtesy of

Anna Rossinelli – Swiss Eurovision Representative 2011 returns with another album and single “Let It Go”. Photograph courtesy of

The Last time Switzerland qualified for the Grand Final at Eurovision was back in 2011 with the charming Anna Rossinelli.

She has proven to be an extremely popular artist in Switzerland and has released her latest album “Marylou” which you can download on i-tunes here

Her first single and video to be taken from the album is the wonderful “Let It Go”. The song is about letting a man go – who is no good for you. Oh we have all been there Anna!

This has a Bluegrass/Rock a Billy/Pop quality to it. Lot’s of string plucking – yes plucking I said- which is highly infectious. The video is simple yet effective. It seems as if Anna has made a trade with Carola, Anna and her band have given Carola all their clothes in exchange for her “Wind Machine” – it is great!

Many Swiss fans are asking Anna to return to Eurovision – something that we would love to see too.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source  – AnnaRossinelliMusic YouTube, WiwiBblogs and Eurovision Ireland


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  1. I want Anna back to Eurovision. The Swiss broadcaster should ask her to represent the country since she was the only Swiss-based act to qualify! Their latest album “Marylou” is fucking amazing (bought it on and they could’ve chosen some songs off it for Eurovision just like Lena did back in 2011. I think Caroussel and Anna Rossinelli are the most promising artists for Eurovision.

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