Eurovision Finals 2013

Ukraine : Eurovision artists dominating the charts

Ukraine Music Charts dominated by their Eurovision Singers like Alyosha (2010) Photograph courtesy of

Ukraine Music Charts dominated by their Eurovision Singers like Alyosha (2010) Photograph courtesy of

Ukraine are always a good bet to do well at Eurovision each year. It seems that the Ukrainian public cannot get enough of their female Eurovision singers as they are dominating their local music charts.

Zlata Ognevich

No surprise that Zlata (their Eurovision representative this year) is still at number 1 with her song “Gravity” in the Radio Airplay charts. Coming  3rd at Eurovision has not stopped her from making it to first place on home soil.


Next up at #3 is Alyosha who brought the Ukraine to the Top 10 at Eurovision in 2010 with the song “Sweet People”. She is currently riding high with the the pop/rock song “Tochka Na Karte” with a video that would give the sand storm in “The Scorpion King” a run for it’s money. Alyosha had a great voice in 2010 and 3 years later it sounds even better.

Ani Lorak

There seems to be no stopping this woman. 5 years on from her second place finish at Eurovision in 2008 with the fan favorite “Shady Lady” – Ani is back with the song “Oranzhevyie Sny”. Summer feel good song that should make everyone want to get up and dance. She is currently #5

Svetlana Loboda

Svetlana represented the Ukraine in 2009 and brought them to the Grand Final – along with her “Wheels of Death”. Her song “40 Gradusov” was released some 6 months ago and was at #1 only 4 weeks ago showing her lasting appeal in her home country. The song  is typical Svetlana and OTT – but we rather like that in her. It is a dramatic ballad – think Guns N Roses meets Queen with a slight dub step base line and you have it. The video is a tragic love story (I won’t spoil it for you) but you see Svetlana being a ballerina on a volcanic beach, climbing mountains like in “Lord of the Rings” to playing the cello naked in high heels. If you got it flaunt it.

Tina Karol 

Tina represented the Ukraine in 2006 and came 7th in the Final with the song “Show Me Your Love”. Since then she has been highly successful in the her home country and Russia. She married her producer who tragically died in April of this year at the age of 32. This song “Pomnyu” is a gentle ballad that has a haunting guitar rift in parts of the song. With her personal life events, this song surely takes on a further meaning to Tina. The song has already been in the Top 3 just 4 weeks ago.

It seems as if the Ukraine is firmly in love with its Eurovision singers – and long may it last. Personally we are loving Alyosha’s music. Moody and full of angst with a good pop beat – you are onto a winner.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – and Eurovision Ireland

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