Eurovision Ireland’s “Thursday Talent Search for Eurovision 2014” – Albania, UK, Serbia and Italy with Glenys Vargas

Eurovision Ireland's "Thursday Talent Search 2014" - We look at Glenys Vargas and Kevin Ettienne for Albania, UK, Serbia, Italy and Europe. Photograph courtesy of Glenys Vargas

Eurovision Ireland’s “Thursday Talent Search 2014” – We look at Glenys Vargas and Kevin Ettienne for Albania, UK, Serbia, Italy and Europe. Photograph courtesy of Glenys Vargas

Thursday here at Eurovision Ireland means just one thing – “Thursday Talent Search” where we highlight known and unknown artists that would be a welcome addition to Eurovision 2014. Here is the first article for today and we have a gem of an artist that could easily grace the stage for Albania, the United Kingdom, Serbia or Italy. Yes we are talking of one Ms Glenys Vargas whom you will remember from Eurovision 2010. Glenys saw our first article in our “Thursday Talent Search” series and reached out to us here at Eurovision Ireland – and we were only too happy to speak with Glenys.

The beautiful and talented Glenys graced the Eurovision stage supporting  Juliana Pasha from Albania at the contest in 2010 with the song “It’s All About You”. Juliana was very fortunate to have one of the best supporting singers accompanying her on stage that year. Glenys and the other singers brought power, harmony and swagger to the Eurovision stage.

So we had to have a good catch up with Glenys and see if she would consider fronting an entry at Eurovision in 2014 – and a resounding “YES” is the answer. “Eurovision was a wonderful experience for me and my goal is to return with my teammate Kevin as the main artists. I especially enjoyed meeting people from all over the world and learning from their cultures. Personally, I would love to go back with Albania as they were so gracious with us.”
Now Kevin whom Glenys refers to is Kevin Ettienne who is from London and it is his dream to represent the UK at Eurovision. Hence Glenys and Kevin could be a great act for the UK to look for at Eurovision – we will be sending this article to Graham Norton as he is on a mission to find the next British Eurovision Act. “We would embrace their culture, language and traditions as best as we can. We are a very outgoing team and would carry that flag proudly and with honor. I believe we did that with Albania.”

Now where does the Italian connection come into the equation – well both Glenys and Kevin happen to live in Rome, Italy. As Glenys said to us “we are constantly adapting to different cultures and I feel we know how to make it work. After having traveled to over 15 European countries, I can honestly say that I always try to adapt to the culture and even learn the language.”

Glenys is currently practicing her Serbian since she and Kevin are competing in Montenegro at Suncane Skale next Saturday, June 29th. “We came in 4th last year with Love Me/Let Me Go. This year, we will be competing with our new song, ‘Dream!’. We can’t wait to go! Herceg Novi is such a gorgeous place, especially in the summer.”

For a Eurovision act to stand a chance of being successful, they really need to have great chemistry and believe in what they are singing and MUST have a positive attitude. You see so many acts that just don’t translate well to the stage and seem deeply uncomfortable at Eurovision. That is no problem for Glenys and Kevin. Writing, producing, singing and dancing are certainly no problem to this talented duo. Here is a personal favorite of ours from them. I defy anyone to tell me that this fresh sound and slick performance would not be appreciated at Eurovision, especially with the growing numbers of young fans of the contest.

“We have also written a song with Isa Melikov, the producer for Ell/Nikki, 2011s Eurovision winners. It’s called Power:Positive and the message is one that we really believe in as a team and is a common thread in our song lyrics. There is power in positive thinking, so once we conceive an idea, we then fully believe in those dreams in order to finally achieve them. Right now, that dream is Eurovision 2014.”

Glenys and Kevin have a great vibe to them that is just so infectious. Team that with Glenys’ amazing voice and stage presence, you have to question why she and Kevin have not been snapped up by several countries for Eurovision already. We love their philosophy and think that many others should adopt it – “I wish Eurovision were merely a contest featuring the best selection of songs regardless of the country of origin. This way the music would always win. We each love the country we are from but we each have a huge thing in common. We are all part of the same universe and music transcends all borders. Let the music unite us! That is the title of the first song Kevin and I wrote as a team. It was inspired by my experience at Eurovision. Get us to Eurovision and we will do all we can to make that a reality.”

Here is Glenys supporting Juliana Pasha at Eurovision in 2010. Glenys and Kevin to us are an Act that are ready to grace the Eurovision stage in 2014. We are going to call them the Beyonce and Jay Z of Eurovision Land 2014 and one country seriously needs to get them into their national selection. You get an act that understand the meaning of performing on stage and are talented with a strong positive attitude. That goes a long way at Eurovision and makes the work of a Delegation so much easier and enjoyable. Albania, the UK, Serbia, Italy and Europe – are you paying attention!

A huge thanks to Glenys and Kevin for getting touch with us here at Eurovision Ireland and we wish them the best of luck this Saturday in  Montenegro at the Suncane Skale Festival/Contest – June 29th.

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Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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