Eurovision Finals 2013

Ukraine – Mika Newton in America releasing new material

Mika Newton, representing Ukraine, performs during the Eurovision Song Contest semi-final in Duesseldorf, AFP PHOTO / PATRIK STOLLARZ

Mika Newton, representing Ukraine, performs during the Eurovision Song Contest semi-final in Dusseldorf, Germany, on May 12, 2011. AFP PHOTO / PATRIK STOLLARZ

Who can forget Mika Newton’s performance at Eurovision 2011 with the song “Angel” and the giant Sand Drawings. Making a sand castle has now lost its appeal. Mika now resides in America and is working with Paul Oakenfold to name but a few people.

Following her 4th place finish at Eurovision, there was a lot of International interest in the Ukrainian singer. She decided to sign with JK Music Group and Randy Jackson’s (American Idol fame) Friendship Collective. In June 2011 she moved to Los Angeles, where she started developing her music career as a pop-rock singer in the USA.

The career path for her is to strengthen her English and song writing skills. She has just released the song “Magnets” in America. The song is a country/pop ballad that you could see Taylor Swift singing. A gentle guitar and stringed song coupled with her powerful voice is a good combination. The video is a play on the Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock movie “The Lake House”.

Besides promoting her new U.S. single, Mika has captured the attention of the Chinese Media. In March of 2012, she traveled to make a guest-appearance on “Maoren Queen,” a reality show similar to “The Hills.” “Don’t Dumb Me Down” serves as the theme song, and the show is a huge hit there! According to, the episode featuring Mika was seen by over 12 million people.

In April 2013, Mika began performing acoustic shows throughout Los Angles – at the legendary music venues The Viper Room, The Hotel Cafe and Room 5. However she has also caught the attention of legendary DJ and producer Paul Oakenfold and he has worked on the dance track “Come Out and Play” with Mika.

And behind the scenes it’s all about the “Lemon Cake” – I kid you not!”

This should be a wake up call for artists that sneer at Eurovision. The contest is what you make of it and winning is not always the main prize as Mika is proving.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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