Eurovision Finals 2013

Eurovision San Marino – Can the real “Senit” please step forward

Senit - San Marino Eurovision Representative 2011. Photograph courtesy of

Senit – San Marino Eurovision Representative 2011. Photograph courtesy of

San Marino have tried for some time now to make the Grand Final at Eurovision. Valentina Monetta came close this year but back in 2011 we had high hopes for the sultry singer Senit who sang the bluesy ballad “Stand By”. It was one of the more contemporary pieces of music that year which has managed to stand the test of time and sounds even better now than 2 years ago. Elegant and sophisticated.

2 years later and we were surprised – in a good way – to see the new song from Senit shatters the illusions that we had of her in 2011. “One Stop Shop” is a thumping Euro-Dance song. Get your whistles out and take your shirt off in the club – if that is your thing – and get ready to sweat to this song!

The lyrics are provocative “Don’t waste my time, Don’t give me sh*t” – “I get your number, now you’re mine every single bit”. She talks of tasty her candy – but we are all adults here and can read between the lines – and I don’t mean of a Twix bar. This is certainly the music that Senit seems to be most comfortable with. This woman loves to get her groove on and I for one would love to see her back at Eurovision next year if she brings a song like “One Stop Shop”. If this song was in Eurovision this year it would have certainly have made the Grand Final. Now let me make a visit to that Candy Shop!

In case you cannot remember Senit at Eurovision in 2011 (shame on you) then here is a reminder.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – YouTube and @SenitMusic

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