Eurovision 2013 - Dress Rehearsals

Bonnie Tyler and the UK second Eurovision Rehearsal with Video

Bonnie Tyler - Eurovision 2013 UK Representative - Photograph courtesy of FaceBook

Bonnie Tyler – Eurovision 2013 UK Representative – Photograph courtesy of FaceBook

Bonnie Tyler takes to the stage for her second Rehearsal at Eurovision 2013

(YouTube Video Courtesy of ESCKaz)


I believe Bonnie I believe! Great charm here from the Uk. Bonnie works the stage really well & with great lighting and that important wind machine this looks and sounds great on screen. My only negative is her outfit isn’t very flattering Id add a bit more bling. But good performance and with a slot in the 2nd half of the show – UK could now do better than I originally expected.


I was in the arena for Bonnie’s 2nd rehearsal. She was great. The lighting is kept simple and the backing band compliment Bonnie perfectly. They do carry the vocal at times but this is a very clever use of the backing singers. Bonnie was far smoother down the catwalk and her outfit works well with the wind machine. It is great to see that the over enthusiastic movements that we saw on the Graham Norton show have been reined in and the whole thing looks great. It was announced that the light up bracelets that all the audience are given on entering the arena will light up when Bonnie rises on the plinth. It was great to see her relaxed and laughing at the end of each run through and she seems genuinely delighted at the attention she is getting and I think the European press Believe in Bonnie. We know we have a guaranteed 2nd half draw so things are looking good for Team UK!!!!!

Andrew’s view

Another decent rehearsal for the UK here. Bonnie is now wearing a black dress with some bling on the shoulder and some tassly trains. She is looking more confidant and the vocals sound great. Good use of the catwalk and the satellite platform shot is a money winner too. This is now in the 2nd half and with a good performance on Friday and Saturday could bring the UK a good result.

Garrett’s View

Bonnie has just had her second rehearsal and she is one cougar that Europe will be falling in love with. Sounding great and interacting extremely well with the camera. The dress is black with a slight vampy feel to it with a shreaded train. As the dress is black – she at times gets a little lost on the screen but when she rises on the plinth it looks fantastic. Expect SVT to give the UK a late draw and hopefully make the Top 10.

Authors – Eurovision Ireland

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Hope she does really well! Saw her on BBC comentary last night really seems to be enjoying herself. She will lap up the crowd (and they her) on Saturday and hopefully do well!

  2. I do hope the dress is finished before Saturday cos from here i can almost see her tonsils…and not down her ehhemm throat… not a good look, someone tell her?

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