Eurovision 2013

Italy – Second Reahearsal with video.

Marco Mengoni in his 1st rehearsal in Malmo

Marco Mengoni in his 1st rehearsal in Malmo – Photograph courtesy of Dennis Stachel (EBU)

Marco performs his 2nd set of rehearsals in the Malmo Arena.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of ESCKaz)

Garrett’s View

Could I love this song or Marco any more? This is just pure heaven for me. Simple staging and amazing vocals makes me weak at the knees every time I hear this song. Marco looks like he will be in his trade mark 60’s style slim cut suits – and it will be aqua marine. Grazzi Marco for a spine tingling moment

Elaine’s view

Beautiful song from Marco Mengoni. This is how to perform a song. You hear the word effortless banded about but this is definitely the case when it comes to Marco. He is in an aqua marine tailored jacket but i would prefer to see him in rugged smart casual that over styled. Beautiful man with a beautiful song and beautiful voice.

Andrew’s view

This is just such a lovely song. Great performance so simply staged too. Marco is giving Italy a good chance to well this year with this performance.


Ok this song for me is a grower and It is a great song. Marco seems very confident and relaxed and looks like he doesn’t take life to seriously. It’s a simple understated performance. And it all depends where Italy performs on the night and who he’s “sandwiched” between on how they will do overall in the competition.

Authors and Source – Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Another top 10 placing from Italy? I hope so but I wouldn’t bank on the TV audience connecting with it as much as the juries. Lovely song though and Marco is so nice.

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