Eurovision 2013 - Dress Rehearsals

Sweden – Robin Stjernberg has his first Eurovision Rehearsal

Robin-Stjernberg - Swedish Eurovision representative 2013. Photograph courtesy fo FaceBook

Robin-Stjernberg – Swedish Eurovision representative 2013. Photograph courtesy fo FaceBook

Sweden’s home boy Robin Stjernberg has taken to the stage to perfrom “You” for the first time on the Eurovision stage.

Garrett’s View

Robin is performing from a platform that I will call the “Mole Hill”. The backdrop is Blues and Reds and Robin is wearing what can only be described as a piece of architecture – beige long sleeved t-shirt and skinny jeans that look rather ill fitting. Twin this with a white sleeveless jacket that has a cross over lapel on one side with white high top runners – this is a jumble sale explosion that could challenge Serbia for the Barbara Dex Award at this year’s contest.

Robin is joined by a male and female backing singer and 2 male and 1 female dancers – all of who are wearing a variation on Robin’s bland colour pallet. The dancers are doing what they did in the final of Melodifestivalen – but only more annoyingly now. All this shouting and jumping across the stage is making an average song seem even less appealing. This looks like someone has called “Free Alcohol” and everyone is dashing for a glass.

Robin is a lovely guy and has a wide vocal range in his voice, but this song does not allow him to showcase either. A lot of work needed to make this cohesive on stage. At present, if Sweden were in a Semi Final, I would be having this as a non qualifier. Sorry Sweden.

Andrew’s view

But carrying on from Garrett Sweden is not in the Semi Final so get their place in the Final. It is not what I would have chosen and its not the best song in the contest, but equally it has grown on me. It sounds great in Euroclub and this shows it is still popular. Today’s rehearsal is at best competent , vocally it’s fine and the staging with the round ‘mole hill’ and the dancers is quite slick. The colours are reds and blues in the background, In the final run throw we start with smoke swirling around the stage, the final crescendo we get strobes followed by the well used waterfall. I do not see this in the top 10 but possibly 12-16th.

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