Albania and Switzerland 2nd Rehearsal Day 6 with videos

Adrian Lulgjuraj and Bledar Sejko - Albania Eurovision 2013 Representatives. Photograph courtesy of Facebook

Adrian Lulgjuraj and Bledar Sejko – Albania Eurovision 2013 Representatives. Photograph courtesy of Facebook

After the dinner break we move onto Albania and Switzerland


(YouTube Video Courtesy of ESCKaz)

Elaine View

Still great rock song. Another one to divide opinion but I think they perform it well and Albania tend to qualify well at Eurovision. I think this song could come in at 7 or 8th place on Thursday night and hence we should see it in the final.

Andrew’s view

This is probably the better of the 2 rock songs in this Semi Final, it has a lot more energy and has more of a tune to it. Vocally its sung pretty well and it has some pyro moments that add to its overall impact. This could well get through to the Final if it stands out enough on the night.

Garrett’s View

Albania keep the same stage performance as before which is still impressive. The use of the pyrotechnics for the guitar solo is very impressive. The vibrant colours of the set are striking and certainly make the song memorable. For me this song will appeal to the same people who mat like Armenia and in this close Semi Final I would have to pick Albania over Armenia. Will it make the final? It is a close call.


(YouTube Video Courtesy of ESCKaz)

Elaine’s View

The refrain in this song is wonderful. Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah …………….. The problem is the static look on the stage. I like it as a studio song but the live performance passes me by. I am sad to say I don’t think this will make the final.

Andrew’s view

I really like this song but I am not over enamoured with the presentation of this. Takasa are all in black trousers , white shirts and are all lined up in an orderly line at the front of the stage, It’s totally static and lifeless for me in this form. I am not sure anything would rescue it at this late stage. Vocally it’s fine but I think this will struggle to get through.

Garrett’s View

This song appears to be lacking in charisma with every single performance daily. Is it fatigue? Well I am tiring of it at this stage. I cannot understand why they do not inject so staging into the song. All the band line up and then do not move at all. It is like a funeral procession. I cannot see who will vote for this song. I feel Switzerland will not be preparing to host Eurovision 2014.

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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