Eurovision 2013 - Dress Rehearsals

Georgia 2nd Rehearsal – Day 6 – In a State of Bliss

Nodi and Sophie, Eurovision 2013 Georgia with Elaine and David

Nodi and Sophie, Eurovision 2013 Georgia with Elaine and David

Nodi and Sophie take to the stage for their 2nd rehearsal of their Eurovision 2013 song “Waterfall”.

(YouTube Video courtesy of ESCKaz)

Elaine’s View

I still think we could go to Georgia next year. I was in the arena for the second rehearsal and it just looks and sounds fabulous. The dry ice at the beginning is visually stunning and when the waterfall appears at the key change the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. This is the only song that has made me feel like this. Nodi and Sophie are in great voice and not only should it sail into the final it could Win Win Win 🙂

Andrew’s view

This is just looking and sounding really great now. Nodi all in black, Sophie in a lovely white flowing dress. Lots of gentle movement and chemistry between them, Some dry ice at the beginning gives it a great atmosphere on the stage with good lighting and sweeping camera work. We then get columns of smoke shooting skyward followed by the proverbial pyro waterfall at the major key change. Vocals are totally spot on and Georgia is an easy qualifier and is my tip for the winner at the moment.

Garrett’s View

Georgia tick all of the boxes with their song”Waterfall”. This is a good song, a male and female singer, strong vocals, beautiful lighting, stunning pyrotechnics and that all important key change. It gets 10/10. I think that some of the effects and choreography in the performance could be more organic. By this I would remove the giant puffs of smoke that are shot into the air at the key change that are then followed by the waterfall of fireworks. Just the waterfall is more than sufficient. Also the camera shots at this climax of the song can be improved. They are missing the full impact of the wide-screen and vertical camera angle potential.

There are some choreography moments – like the joint side step where Sophie leans on Nodi and the meeting of both singers at the start of the song, that look somewhat over staged. They need to be more organic as the song runs the risk of looking like a performance from a Musical and not a Song Contest. Remember that the Juries are specifically told to judge each song “on vocal capability of the artist(s), the performance on stage, the composition and originality of the song and the overall impression by the act”.

Personally I would love for Georgia to be in the running for the title and think that if they look at the philosophy of “less is more”, than they could win the Grand Prix. Some minor alterations above could see them do this in my opinion. A certain finalist and Top 5 placing.

Authors/Source Eurovision Ireland

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